Gone Too Far?

Some 45 days ago, I had taken a quiz to know my addiction to blogging. And the result showed that ‘I am 74% addicted to blogging!’

And today, when I took another ‘Test’…the verdict was:

‘You are 84% addicted to blogging’. 84% eh??

84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

What is troubling am actually thinking about is the increase in the figures!


Is it right? Is it good, OK or fatal? This made me analyze my addiction.

My Signs and Symptoms of Blogging Addiction:

  • I have started believing that I cant live without blogging. My friends are amazed at my blog posting rate, which is ‘One A Day!’
  • When I had to go out of town for 4 days, I saved 4 posts as drafts, before I left, which I posted each day on my blog from a cyber cafe, so that my blog does not feel lonely!
  • I crib a lot when stuck in traffic on the roads, but I love the traffic on my blog.
  • I keenly look forward to the comments on my blog, in fact believe ‘more the merrier’ but would sulk or throw a tantrum, when KG would pass even a small comment.
  • Statistics was a subject I abhorred, but now I look at my blog statistics with great zeal and wish they’d change every minute!
  • I try to finish the other works that I am supposed to do at a maddening pace, in order to get back to my blog sooner.
  • The questions which are on the top of my mind, when ever I meet somebody… “Do you blog? Do you read my blog?”
  • I have a file in My Documents titled ‘Blog Ideas’ and a paper and a diary is always in my purse to jot down any new idea or thought for future blogging reference.
  • I know, KG is getting bugged at the importance and time that I give to our blog related conversations among other things! And would not stop still!

My Prescription to My Blogging Addiction:

  • Admit that I have an addiction, because that is the first step…there is no point in hiding the truth or the problem.
  • Hmmmm…….

Oh my gosh! What am I doing? Admitting is fine…But I am not gonna stop blogging! May be I’d behave a bit normal and not ‘blogormal’ (meaning which is normal for bloggers).

I mean, if I am sane enough to know that I am addicted, it must mean that it’s OK and nothing to worry about!

So, cheers, as I blog as usual!

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16 thoughts on “Gone Too Far?

  1. Well,
    Agreed with all those symptoms which makes me a blog-a-holic too!
    Gosh!, I suffer a lot then! I wake up at nights sometimes at two or three to check new comments and wilt down if I do not have any!. SO is the case with my stats! Every time it goes up, so do my spirits go up!
    In fact someone should should start something as a rehab center to get us out of this!

    Good one!

  2. @ pawan: Looks like we are a band of blog-a-holics!!
    Rehab centre a good idea! Let’s have a shrink on board! 🙂

    @ Subhayan: ‘Blog On’!! Good one!!

    @ Roshmi: Commenting at 2.15 am! Speaks a lot about you too! 😀

  3. Is there something called good addiction?? If yes, then you have a good addiction!
    Just a word of caution, though…dont overdo it and dont let it overpower you!
    Keep blogging, because you are good at it.

  4. Ah!! The same symptoms! Seems like this is another major flu taking more people into its grasp! 🙂

    I have been caught several tims by my boss in office..and guess what few days back he told me to cut down little bit on that! Seems you are too much on Internet..thats what he said 🙂

  5. we shud change F.B.’s to FABs, fellow addicted bloggers.
    this was one of ur most amusing posts i’v read till now.. simply because i cn empathise with u:)
    nd yeah, u don’t hav 2 visit a cybercafe each time 2 post on a trip.. u cn simply schedule ur blogs on blogger, i.e. set the date nd time of posting nd thn publish. now tht will save u sum inconvenience.

  6. yeah… we know how addicted u r…and as usual for all kinda addictions the family pays a price as well….so do all of us…
    KG & AG take a bigger brunt and the rest of us smaller but none the less we all do…..
    still we’ll put up with you with a few smirks & smiles….
    happy blogging all the way….
    am ready to open a FAB’s rehab …and work as a shrink as well….

  7. I find your blogging more of a passion than addiction!!!!!!!! After every blog I get an update from you which shows your love towards it and the passion with which you get involved in it!!!!!!!!! Keep on blogging!!!!!!


  8. @ Sumeet Shah: Wow!! I liked this one, Sumeet…You gave a new dimension to my so called addiction… Passion!!

    Thanks for your support!! 🙂

    And when are you gonna take time off to blog??

  9. Dear Agony Aunty Rose,

    Blogging prevents me from work, from play. I stop whatever I do every hour to look up my stats. I fret when my muse does not appear. I worry for hours for the right word. I have scratched holes in my clothes trying to think up of good ideas for my posts.

    Please help.

    Demented blogger 😉


  10. @ Ashwin Baindur:
    Dear Demented Blogger,
    What advice can this Aunty Rose give you, when she herself suffers from the same symptoms!!!! 😛

    I guess, one needs to cut down a bit few hours and take it cool, I know, its easier said than done! 😀

    Happy Blogging, though! 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

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