My Wish List…A Tag!

Ok, guys, came across, a different type of tag…NO, don’t groan… you don’t have to answer some 30 nosey, silly or amusing questions!

It’s different…of course like Maggi Sauces.

So what you need to do is….Show us something you want, but would never spend the money to buy.

Here is what I’d lust for…


These are Jean Schlumberger enamel bracelets for Tiffany & Co.

The vivid, translucent colors are achieved through paillonné enamel, (meaning a tiny motif cut out of gold or silver under a layer of transparent enamel), which is a process of laying enamel over 18k gold leaf.

Schlumberger revived this nineteenth century art, adding sculptural gold accents, diamonds and gemstones, creating one of fashion’s most original statements of chic.

And…And…And…the Prices from left:$27,000, $27,000, $22,000, $35,000, $65,000 ONLY!!!!

They are charming, extremely vibrant, attractive and luxurious but so so very expensive!

They would look good ON ME though…I know that! And will surely go will all the dresses…Indian as well as western! Gosh..I’d wear them even if I were to wear a Burka!(No offence meant to anybody, Please!)

On second thoughts….rather over the top thoughts…I’d rather not think about them…what if somebody kidnaps me and kills me for these….God, how will KG and AG live without me?? …No…No…No!! I mean, I must put a full stop to this trail of thoughts!

I don’t think that I would even try my best to own one. Watching them from a distance, is cool enough for me! That’s a sensible me…I know that! 🙂

Now, Subhayan, Amrit, Shankar, Vipul Grover, Miss Kido, Roshmi Sinha, Dhiman, Pawan, Sweet Nothings, Kunu, Vineeta, Vinay, Debi, MS Joy, Sumeet Shah will share with us their wish list!!

So go on and let your imagination run wild….

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13 thoughts on “My Wish List…A Tag!

  1. Jewelery is a girl’s best friend indeed…you have proven this timeless truth yet again! Nice choice by the way.

  2. @ Vipul: Had a look..they are damn cool! 🙂

    @ Subhayan: Great! Now that you remember, please do it ASAP. It would be interesting, I know that…you doing it and we reading some lesser known facts abt you! 🙂

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