Happy Sunday to All!

Let us make our Sunday a fun filled day! So apart from getting up late, or simply lazing around or enjoying a sumptuous meal at our favourite joint or checking out the latest movie in the city, let us have some fun in the blogosphere as well!sunday

Let us play a Fun Game.

This is the How Many game, and this is how we play:

The person before you has asked How many ??

You’ll answer their question in the comments as well as ask the next person a How many ?? question. The next person answers their question, and asks another, etc…..

Easy enough, right?

So, I get the ball rolling…

How many different types of vegetables are there in your refrigerator right now??


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24 thoughts on “Sunday=Funday

  1. Zero, to be precise half,
    I watched half of the movie, got sick and switched off the T.V. it isn’t even worth piracy, DDLJ.

    My turn now,
    How many movies are stored in your computer?

  2. hey! interesting game! this is like a game which we used to play in some of our parties.
    coming back to my answer…

    only one!

    and my question…
    how many rupees you have in your wallet now?

    too nosey question??, hell…its just a game!

    this is my first time here…liked your blog.

  3. hey um too lazy to gt up nd chk my wallet (which is downstairs).. so the simple answer is um not carrying the wallet right now!

    My Q: How many people have u proposed till now?

  4. Well, I am a rich man!! 🙂

    Right now I have 317 ruppes in my wallet. Wait..wait…I have $25 as well 🙂

    Now my turn….
    How many credit cards you own?

  5. WoW! What a coincidence!! Vipul and Amrit have posted their Q and A at the same time!!!!!!

    Hence both have answered the same Question of Garima!!

    So I guess, the person who is next should take up BOTH the questions of Vipul and Amrit!!

  6. Hi! Looks like the one before me, forgot to answer the questions. So I will take up all the 3 now!

    Q: How many people have u proposed till now?
    A: None 🙁

    Q: How many credit cards you own?
    A: 1

    Q: How many times I thought of a question to ask?
    A: At least a dozen times or may be more…My guess, that is why you forgot to answer the 2 questions!!
    I dont mind it though!

    Before I forget, my question:

    How many people will participate in this fun game?

  7. Thats easy 3490 on my blog don’t how many on Shilpa’s Blog 😉

    Ok my question’s quiz type…

    How many more Sundays in this year to have fun ? Don’t use calculator 😉

  8. gosh!!! I need to guess this one…7 months almost gone…52 sundays divided by..ummmm….around..
    22 Sundays!!!! Hope this is right 🙂

    Okay so here goes my next…
    How many cups of chai you had today??

  9. That’s easy! The answer is All 🙂

    Ok, I’ll ask..
    How many apples do you have, if there are 6 apples and you take away 4!!??

  10. @ Amrit: Not me! Just 2-3 Maximum for me!
    BTW, you were to ask a “How many” question in the end!

    I am asking again: “How many days do you exercise in a week?”

  11. i … er … depends …

    How many sets of jaws does an anaconda have ?

    stumped u have i?

    But you can do something … get a shoutbox chat widget, place it on the top and continue this game …
    i’m thinking of doing something like that to my blog … thnx for the idea of such a game 🙂

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