Some Questions… Re: Kasab

It will be the big judgement day for Indians, as Kasab’s sentencing in the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack, takes place tomorrow.

Given our ethos as a country and our legal system, what do you personally think about Kasab’s sentencing and final fate.

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Share your views/thoughts!!

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15 thoughts on “Some Questions… Re: Kasab

  1. I voted death sentence because each day a ‘high profile’ prisoner lives ….it hurts our economy ….which is not worth ….they don’t deserve it….

  2. Kasab shouldn’t be killed because he was a part of a suicide squad. By luck he got caught, killing him means that his objective is finished. He shud be allowed to live, he shud be tortured till the last day of his life, it is then people will take note, because the terrorists objective to kill and die is not fulfilled !

  3. @ Neha : Hmmm… let’s see, what’s the verdict tomorrow.

    @ Dhiman : Right, read some time back that the govt had spent Rs 31 Crore to keep him alive and healthy!!

    @ Pawan : Hmmm…point well made!! But at what cost??

  4. In all probability, he should be given death sentence but one thing is sure- His next step would be to go for mercy petition before the President. This will drag the matter further.But the perpetrators of this heinous crime are still at large.

  5. We are a bunch of idiots.Kasab should be shot dead at the Gateway of India so a lesson is learnt by Pakis.
    Cant we learn from US?Time Square suspect was picked from a flt about to take off to you think US is going to send dossier to Pakis?
    Indian media is covering Time Square and not Kolkotta hijack suspect?
    Finally, Cong with the help of media may want to turn Kasab case as a victory for the coming UP elections.
    AND–another MNIK will be made–MY NAME IS KASAB

  6. More than anything, it is sickening to read about the amount spent on keeping him “alive”. Fatten the calf before the slaughter syndrome!!!!

  7. It’s the Death Sentence for Kasab…that’s what the majority believed here in this poll and that’s what the court delivered too!
    While the news reports say that the sentence has been welcome by all, I believe, the real victory would be the day he is hanged.

    So waiting for the real victory, without any delays!

  8. I don’t want him to be hung to death immediately. That is a quick way to end a life without much pain. Rather, i would like him to be locked in a darm chamber for many days and with the sounds of crying and wailings played in high volume and then kill him…

  9. I dont think killing him is the solution…I feel we should take a chance and try and change him and use him against pakistan…he had come to india to kill and die…if he dies it will only complete his mission…I am sure there can be ways were we can use him…..

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