Flipped For…

Last Saturday, I needed to refer a book, “Dentsu The Social Media Handbook”, very urgently and badly. Urgently and badly, because, I needed to use it for making a presentation to be mailed on Monday!!

First, I looked up for the Crossword’s phone numbers on the web and promptly called them to ask about the availability of the book. And the response was a “Sorry, Ma’am”.

Next, I decided to check out the book at the various book stores. The first one, a pretty big book store, Rajat Book Depot (at Narian Singh Circle), was closed. The second book store fellow at Panch Batti answered a No too.

Not to give up anything easily, I then went to Chaura Rasta, which is a Wholesale Book Market at Jaipur. Asked the driver to park the car at one end and I moved on foot to look for my object of desire. Crossed some 100 shops and moved in narrow by-lanes and lanes and asked for the ‘illusive’ book. And everywhere the response was a NO. My next stop was Rajasthan Roadways Bus Stand (I know, I am a pest!), unfortunately, even the book store there didn’t had the book.

Spoke to a friend who was boarding a flight at Kolkata to check for the book at the Airport book store and yes, you guessed it right, it was a No there too!! (Hence proved, I am a PP… a Persistent Pest!!)

Physically tired but mentally still fighting, I returned back home. I remembered Phoenixritu mentioning her son’s new book being available at Flipkart. So, I logged in at the site and ordered for my book. Now, this was my first interface with Flipkart. Since, the book’s cost was just Rs 84 after discount! And the minimum order value specified is Rs. 100, so I checked out a few more titles and ‘The Immortals of Melhua’ caught my eye and also the ‘Urban Shots’… Prateek Gupta’s name among the authors made me order it too. I ordered these books on Saturday afternoon.

And in quick succession, I got emails and SMSs about the order confirmation and even the shipping details. Was I impressed??

While the order said 2-3 business days for delivery, what floored me was the delivery of a book today in the afternoon which is Monday and the balance 2 will be reaching me tomorrow… have already got the courier details of the consignment.

And the two best aspects of shopping at Flipkart is the payment option of Cash on Delivery and such cool discounts.

Simply enjoyed the shopping experience, promptness of service and wonderful discounts.

I have flipped for Flipkart.

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12 thoughts on “Flipped For…

  1. I agree with each word you’ve said about Flipkart 🙂 I usually don’t buying books online since I prefer touching and feeling them before buying but Flipkart has changed it in me…

    I totally depend on Flipkart and it’s services are so far the best and most reliable 🙂

  2. I so love Flipkart, my experience with them started around 1.5 years ago and since then my orders to them have exceeded Rs. 20k in value. I have never faced any issues with their service till now. Really great folks there.

    Thanks a lot for buying Urban Shots 🙂 Now I am desperately waiting for your reviews on the entire book and particularly my story. Hope you like it.

  3. I loved their awesome customer services too 🙂
    During the time I’d organized the ‘Love is in the Air’ contest on my blog I’d ordered books to be sent to the winners which were sent and received by the winners in 36 hours flat 🙂

  4. Count me in as well. I am learning french and wanted some books in french to read. Flipkart came to my rescue when all the crosswords/landmarks didn’t have anything but dictionaries! 🙂

  5. I was searching for a book from a long time and finally checked in flipkart. It was there and even I was impressed with the prompt delivery they provide. Flipkart rocks 🙂

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