Award Time!

Some days ago, Abha, Smitha and Deeps gave away this award to me. It’s called the Versatile Blogger Award. I feel Awesome, Bubbly, Cool, Dreamy, Elated, Fabulous, Gifted, Happy, Inspired, Jubilant, Kind, Loved, Musical, Normal, Overwhelmed, Proud, Quiet, Reflective, Sparkly, Touched, Unique, and ….Versatile?? Naaaah!!…  !
Thank you, ladies for this honour.
Now, this award, comes with a set of few rules, which are:

  • Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers
  • Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
  • Share 7 Random things about yourself
  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post – That is the simplest – Here goes.

Nominating 15 Bloggers…
Sharing this award with some Versatile Bloggers…

  1. Aativas
  2. Anil
  3. BK Chowla
  4. Chicky aka Kadambari
  5. Double Inverted Commas
  6. Indrani
  7. Insignia
  8. Neha
  9. Prats
  10. Rachna
  11. Rajlakshmi
  12. Shilpa Sharma
  13. Shobha
  14. Sujatha
  15. Vaish

Now to share 7 random things about me!!

  • Now-a-days,reading Tweets on my TL is my favourite pass-time. A few free minutes any where and I am on my phone, checking out the latest news, views, thoughts, expressions, quotes on my TL.
  • I am still mad about FarmVille!! I have mellowed down my fixation a bit though… instead of playing from 4 different ids and managing 4 farms, I am busy now tending the four farms on my own Facebook account!
  • I am a gadget freak. I am so very looking forward to owning the Kindle Fire. But the feedback from few friends about some technical glitches in the product and poor customer service is holding me back!
  • I am a cleanliness freak (CF) too. I not only try to keep my home spotlessly clean, but my gadgets are spotlessly clean too. All the pictures on the camera, once downloaded on the laptop are religiously and immediately deleted, despite the huge memory space available. And some time, back, when Google Plus was introduced, I saw that all my pics of the blog were visible on Google Plus (via Picasa) and the CF in me, deleted all these pics only to realise a day later that all the pics from my blog got deleted too!! It was and is a nightmare! Have restored pics on some 100 recent blog-posts but the earlier posts are without pics!!
  • Whatever I am thinking or feeling is immediately mirrored on my face. It has put me in a terrible spot many-a-times! But putting on an act is not me.
  • During winters, I cover myself in layers, coz I feel soooo very cold. I can’t tolerate the cold season. This is coming from a person, who has stayed almost all her life in Rajasthan and a few years in Jammu!
  • I love photography and I plan to learn more about it by joining a course!

Thank you, Abha, Smitha and Deeps for sharing this award with me!

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19 thoughts on “Award Time!

  1. Thanks so much Shilpa and congrats to you too. It was interesting to read 7 random things about you. I feel very cold too, and I’ve spent my childhood in UP :). Somehow, I am off twitter. I haven’t logged in for days and even my FB addiction is down these days.

  2. i am like that too – the thing you wrote about your feelings immediately being mirrored on your face. i am my face :)) yeah, it has gotten me into some sticky situations too. but seriously cant help it 😀

    thanks for the award & congrats on getting it too from 3 people

  3. Thank you so much.I will try and fulfill the conditions of this award.but, I am honoured.Thanks.

    As far as your getting the award is conccerned,well….I am never surprised when an award is announced for Lata Mangeshkar for her talent.

  4. @ Scribby : Thanks and Congrats to you too! :))

    @ Vaish and Bikram : Thank you and Congratulations to you too! 🙂
    TL or Timeline is a real-time list of Tweets from those you follow. It appears on your Twitter home page. 🙂

  5. thank you so much for the award 😀 it’s after a long time my blog is getting an award 😀
    //farmville// sigh haven’t played it for months… sigh
    CF// that must be tiring 😀

  6. Congrats on the award.
    You take good photographs, so could not understand the need to “learn” photography…. photography is about seeing something rather than just looking at something and translating it within a frame. (the viewfinder on your camera is the frame that you fir your photos in…)

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