July Till Date…

… is terribly busy!! And it is going to continue till the end of the month!

Dad is suffering from a severe stomach ache and the doctors are not able to find the root cause of the ache! So, almost everyday, we are in a hospital or a laboratory, getting the various tests done.. ECG, Sonography, X-Rays, regular and some very special tests etc. Reaching the hospital at 10 am and returning back home by 6 pm is the routine. The weird part is that all the tests are normal and the reason for the pain is still elusive! And whatever medicines the docs are prescribing either give a momentary relief or no relief at all.
So, till date we have had discussions with a Physician, a Cardiologist, a Gastroenterologist, a Gastro-Surgeon, a Urologist… and tomorrow, we are meeting yet another Gastro! Fingers crossed and prayers on the lips!

The work is keeping me busy too… a lot of travel is coming up next week!

We were in Shimla last week, to meet Aaryan for his 2nd exeat and Parent-Teacher Meet. It was good to interact with his teachers and note his progress. Met his friends too and were glad to see wonderful bonding between them. He has enrolled in a scuba-diving course and is very excited to explore and learn.

My laptop, Sony Viao, which I bought in May, is acting weird and this is something which irks me to no end!
Then a few days ago, my big fat bag toppled in a busy market and out fell the million things… while I dumped everything back into it, but it seems I missed my Tata Photon and this I realized just yesterday!

The Reader is showing a scary number of 568 unread posts and the comments on the blog are unanswered too!! Guess, a relaxed and better frame of mind is needed to address the above, which is a little less as of now!

The regular challenges of life… Will be back in a bit!

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17 thoughts on “July Till Date…

  1. Shilpa,

    Do not worry about unread posts or reply to comments, concentrate on your Dad. I hope and pray that it turns out to be something trivial and he is back to normal self soon. It is so nice that Aaryan is settled and liking that place.

    Take care

  2. Hope your father recovers soon. And glad to hear that your son is getting along well at school. Too bad abt the loss of your Tata Photon & your Viao hiccups 🙁

  3. Relax , things will return to normalcy- and we will see our regular blogger capturing the best Wordless Wednesdays and Tandy Tuesdays back on track.

    See you soon, come back fast.

  4. Hugs Shilpa…I can imagine what you and your family must be growing through with so many test and hospital visits…will pray for Uncle’s recovery and good health !

    I’m glad to hear about Aaryan…congratulations for this milestone..he has settled!

    Travel for trainings? Exciting 🙂

    Good Luck 🙂

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