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The growing pile of unread books is gathering dust.

The recorded TV programs of the week lie unwatched.

The love and support from buddies has not been acknowledged, still.

The project deadlines are looming large and closer.

The deferred items on the To-Do list threatens to have a snowballing effect.

Tomorrow. She whispers to herself!

Linking this to BAR-A-THON by Blog-A-Rhythm Day 7 Prompt – Promise (to yourself/someone else)


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44 thoughts on “Promise

    • I know what you mean. It happens to me too on some days. I just laze around and do nothing though the long list of pending tasks keep blinking at the back of my mind! Last week because of BAR-A-THON, I had kept so many chores on the back-burner! Need to finish them now!

    • Oh yes, internet is big time sucker, time just flies when you are logged in to social media sites, whatsapp etc.
      Thanks Vidya! Congratulations to you too. All your posts made for such a delightful read!

    • You are spot on. Sometimes, I wish we had more hours in a day!
      Thanks a lot, Mithila. Happy friendship day to you too. I must tell you that I enjoyed reading all your posts! I have to read your story which you wrote during Write Tribe Festival of Words. It is on my To-Do list today. Will hop over to your blog soon!

  1. Time is passionless…ruthless…never deserts….it sucks life within its fold….none can escape its dungeon….but liberty is defiant…it empowers to dream an escape…from one world of nothingness to another world of nothingness….one suffocating and another fulfilling…choices are also made by time…by denial or acceptance…nice reading for the morn….best regards

    • True. Wonder how the to-do list keeps piling up! 🙄
      Thanks Kala, it was wonder to have you around this BAR-A-THON. Enjoyed reading your humorous posts too 🙂

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