The One That Got Away

Today’s prompt for #FridayReflections is…

“Then I wondered if everybody has that person that haunts them, the one that got away.”― Marlon James, A Brief History of Seven Killings

The first thought that comes to my mind when I think about ‘the one that got away’  is unrequited love. But it could be about the missed opportunities, or the relationships that didn’t work out, as well.

‘The one that got away’ brings to my mind the thought that a relationship or an opportunity should have worked but somehow it didn’t turn out as per the expectations and their paths diverged.

How would one feel about ‘the one that got away’? What would be the dominant feeling? Would it be regret or hurt or pain or doubt or…? Would the various ‘could have been’ scenarios create havoc in the head? Would the heart shed silent tears?

I remember writing a 100 word story on this very thought a few years ago, which I believe is apt for this prompt. So here’s a rehash of an old post…


La douleur exqise*… the words that explained how he felt.

He knew that she would never be his. But when does love follow rules?

For months, he felt a heavy stone on his heart, with sad tears washing it.

The pain was killing him and he believed that he’d never get over her.

Then just like a new day, change came his way.

He realized that he was done with regrets. He had to move on.

He understood that some people can be a part of your history but never your destiny!

Slowly, he felt his heart begin to heal…

*La douleur exqise – It means, the heart wrenching pain of wanting affection of someone unattainable.

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39 thoughts on “The One That Got Away

  1. Life always throws different challenges at us and make us think of various ‘could have been’ scenarios.
    I think its better to let go or as you said La douler exqise. Lovely post.

  2. A song by Katy Petty comes to my mind:

    In another life
    I would make you stay
    So I don’t have to say
    You were the one that got away
    The one that got away
    SG recently posted…Class ActMy Profile

  3. Unrequited love. I am fortunate enough that I never experienced it. But there is a “what if” in my husband’s family. His brother had an attraction to the girl who lived next door to his cousin. But the girl ended up marrying the cousin (and is still living happily ever after, incidentally). An interesting “what if” for our family, because she ended up not getting away, after all.
    The Unknown Journey Ahead recently posted…Too Many Regrets #FridayReflectionsMy Profile

  4. Ok – I’ve read way too many crime stories. The One That Got Away conjured in my mind only images of police and crime scenes and that “one” who was almost caught, running away into the darkness 😛

    I love the last but one line in your poem: He understood that some people can be a part of your history but never your destiny!
    Scorpria recently posted…Know where you’re off to soon!?My Profile

  5. Reminded me of a telugu movie I saw very recently “Ninnu Kori” means wanting you 🙂 a love story that touches you… how despite of love each other, due to circumstances, they couldn’t be part of each other’s life…
    In life too, no matter what – some people are never meant to be with us… its important to learn and move on… meaningful post shilpa:)
    G Angela recently posted…Thursday Tree Love -10My Profile

    • Yes, some relationships are not meant to be…
      For one’s own peace of mind and happiness, it’s best to let go of the past and move on. Thanks a lot, Genevive, glad you liked this post!

  6. Your 100 words post says it all. The one that got away could be a career option not chosen, love interest not pursued, or unrequited love. In all these cases some regret is bound to be there.

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