The Bronze ‘Metal’ Winner!

Today was State Karate Championship for our lil baby. When I awoke (at last) to the incessant ringing of the alarm at 6.30 am, I found our lil “guggu” awake and looking for the I-Card in his cupboard! I said, “You woke up pretty early!” He said, “I don’t want to be late! Will the driver uncle come on time?”

He had been looking forward to this contest for some time now, so was a bit concerned. “How responsible”, I looked at him with admiration, pride and love!

For us, this championship meant a new experience for him and a nice picnic with his karate friends. So packed his favorite snacks, chips, cake, chocolates, energy drink and of course water. But it was something important for him. While having his milk, he is thinking aloud of his ‘strategies’ for his opponents!

Throughout the day, I kept getting updates from his coach and our driver on the event. And when our baby came back home in the evening, he had a Medal in his hand! I asked him, “what’s this?” in amazement. (As if I didn’t understand!). Coolly, he said, “It’s the BRONZE METAL”!

I immediately corrected him with a hug and a kiss, “Baby, this is a Bronze Medal!” “No, it’s a Bronze Metal, Ma”, came the confident reply!

I smiled, he was correct in his own sweet kiddish way! I left it at that coz it was time to celebrate the victory of our lil ‘Bronze Metal Winner’!

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