Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!??

Wondering? Oh, I can make it easier.

It is said that you determine a horse’s age by checking its teeth. So if someone were nice enough to give you a horse for a present, you shouldn’t insult them by checking on its age first thing. You should appreciate a gift no matter how old it is or what its value may be.

When it comes to gifts, “It’s the thought that counts.” Right! That’s what we were told when we were young. (Oh, did this give away my age??)

I Do Not agree to this! Over the past so many years, we have been the recipients of so many thoughtless, useless gifts. This I say, coz I have 3 cartons full of Gifts/Presents that have been presented to us on some or the other occasion over a period of time! 3 cartons can u believe it?? And these have NO appreciation from us, as they are either in very bad taste or too gaudy or plain useless!

This is despite…

  • I believe in making the most of what I have
  • I believe in sharing
  • I believe in charity!

And I don’t just believe in them but practice them too! Our maids and their relatives and friends are always keen to work for us, coz they know how much they can gain by staying with us!

But these cartons are never empty, It seems some fairy had granted me a boon (or a bane?) that your cartons containing useless presents will never be empty. I wish it was true for my bank account though! 😉

I am very curious to know “how the brain of the gift giver to us works”. I wish I could get some insights. Every time I see these boxes, it makes me think to explore the possibility of Consultancy in the Art of Gifting!

I know, people are not keen on spending money on other people. But hey, even in Rs. 50-100, you can get perfectly useful gifts. And sometimes, so much is spend on gifts which have no takers!

Guess, one can follow a 3 step process when selecting a gift:
1. Think about the person, his likes/dislikes, his need if it’s known
2. Look at your budget
3. Go to a store and buy the gift.

Today, the options are immense, books, music CDs/DVDs, stationary items (today one can find plethora of new unique stationary) crockery, kitchenware, games, dining table accessories, home furnishings, home décor items, oh there are so many things available even for a modest budget.

So the weird photo-frames, mini- table lamps which will give no light, tacky flower vases, small and extra-small jewellery boxes, large and extra-large paintings and idols of Gods, (sorry Lord) keys holder, flashy cufflinks, wooden rings curtain, some artificial flowers and some more sundry, gaudy tidbits continue to live safely in my cartons.

I can offer a free advice (only to those who need it, ofcourse): Folks, It’s the thought that matters when you are gifting, true, but can you please give it some THOUGHT?