Yeah…50th Post Today!

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Today I write the 50th post! I know it doesn’t seem like a big milestone, but I’m happy to reach it. It was MM, a dear friend who pushed me into this realm of blogging! And I am hooked!!

I guess, half a century of posts is a pretty good time to reflect on my blogging!

  • Blogging for me has been a wonderful creative vent to whet my writing skills. I guess, I am not!
  • Its a cool way to share my experiences, thoughts on my mind, even the silly and mundane things of the daily grind! I am kind of liking the idea that this could be my conversation with Aaryan and his kids in the future! (Too farsighted I am!)
  • The immediate feedback and reactions are a big high too.
  • Of course, it’s time consuming, and it keeps me on my toes! There is a constant rush to finish up all the tasks at hand and then get back to the blog, may be write, look at the comments if any, respond to them and of course soak up whatever possible in the blogosphere!
  • Finally, its a great place to meet up some really talented, wonderful people.

In all, the journey till the 50th post has been rewarding, enriching and satisfying. Thank you everybody for all your support! It surely means a lot! number_50a

…On to the next 50 now!!

PS: Today I also completed my commitment to post 1 blog a day in the month of June! WoW!

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