The Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Last night we went for a wedding reception. It was the reception of Aaryan’s best friend’s mother’s brother! So, you got the drift…as to why and how we were invited!? huge.65.325886

Met the mother only when she gave the invite, though had spoken to her on the phone many times!

So, we decked ourselves up for the occasion and left for the venue. 45 minutes later, parked our car among the sea ocean of cars. On reaching inside…it was an eyeball popping scenario!

The party was in a ground just a bit smaller than a football ground, teeming with sea oceans of people! Large screens and big LCD(or Plasma?) TVs at strategic places, covering the event. A high rise stage, where a dance group was performing on the latest bollywood music! A dozen professionals shooting the event with jazzy hi-fi equipments!

Since, it was an unfamiliar crowd, it was a perfect opportunity to study! Study???? Yeah…the people, surroundings etc!

So, while munching on the starters, it was time to look around!

The decor was lavish…with floating candles, glittering fabric of gossamer and organza with beads, floral decorations, bright lights et all.RojaRajWedding2008_0187_8_9

A RJ from a FM station was hosting the event…a some what popular punjabi singer sang some songs but before that goofed up on the name of the Hosts! Must have surely annoyed the paymasters!!

The ladies were in glimmering and shimmering dresses and dazzling everybody with loads of yellow and white metals and stones over them! Each one was giving each other a head to toe x-ray like scan!

Majority of the guys were huddled together at the Liquid Diet section and were majorly in black! Surely male of the species have limited color options!

The food was an assortment of ALL cuisines!! The starters were never ending…and the main course was equally exotic! Got tired before the meal…yeah, had to walk so much to get the food on my plate!! And the dessert section was a mini bakery cum halwai ki shop!

The bride and the groom were smartly dressed in western outfits (a gown for the bride!) and were playing no longer the traditionally shy and sober role! Instead were a confident couple, chatting comfortably and looking straight in the camera!

Heard, the party went on till the wee hours of the morning!

This was just the wedding reception, am sure the wedding itself and the trousseau and gifts for the couple must be equally grandiose!mn20

So, the question which comes to one’s mind after all this… “Does one need to splurge on a wedding and celebrate it in the grandest fashion giving it luxury of being called a Big Fat Indian Wedding?…when there are millions of needy, hungry, destitute…when this could have been spent wisely for scholarships, orphanages, medical research etc etc??

Well, it’s just a matter of choice. Your Choice!

What would be Yours?? Choice I mean!!

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