A quick lunch today for KG and his friends inspired this post. KG and his friends and in general the male of the species can be very very annoying at times!! They have weird habits and mannerisms that can actually drive you nuts.

I believe each one has a unique annoying secret habit and you discover it sooner or much sooner. Here are a FEW of variety I have encountered…

  • Mr. Remote: This man is the sole owner of the Idiot Box and its mandatory accomplice. Others in the family do not even get to feel or touch the accomplice…they are supposed to just patiently gawk at the telly and savor whatever channel is dished out to them at break neck speed!!Last week at a get-together, some of the male species were absconding from the party area. And the search ended in the TV room where all of them were huddled together and watching…Tom & Jerry!
  • Mr. Player: This man will play endlessly, tirelessly the card game ‘FreeCell’ on his Mobile. Nothing can keep him away from his game…and he can do it while singing for Antakshri, having general chit-chat over the liquid diet or even while talking to his wonderful wife!!rman8444l
  • Mr. Selective Listener: How do they do this?? You tell the whole Ramayan and suddenly they’d ask who was Sita!! Mind you, they’d ask about ‘Sita’ and not about Jatayu or Sugriva!!
  • Mr. SMS Freak: He can communicate only through SMS! A 2 word SMS or a SMS running into 4-5 messages, is all you’ll see him doing…always!
  • Mr. Gold Digger: I find it too gross to even discuss it, but it seems to be their favorite pass time, which is all the time!! The mostest gross is when they’d refrain from cleaning that ‘Golden Finger’ before picking any thing from the bowl!!
  • Mr. Devil’s Advocate: You are sharing a harrowing tale of the day and you get a Devil’s Advocate instead of some sympathy and support!
  • Mr. Sound Effects: Free sound effects, with new and different variations at every occasion. Why can’t these sound effects be created in private!!
  • Mr. Complainer: Nothing is ever right as per his standards. The weather, the movie, the food, the kid’s behavior, the party, the gadget you bought…all give him a new thing to whine about!

I guess, the list can go on and on!! But…
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