My Life in Numbers

Tag Time!! Found this interesting tag here

If Life could be defined in numbers, this is what my life (some aspects of it!!) would look like…

Here I go…1-10 and My Life in Numbers!!

No. of blogs I have…

PS: Sure am addicted, coz this is the only thing, I can think of, to define No. 1


No. of men in my life

No. of siblings we are

images (1)
Our home sweet home in the pink city is on this Floor. And this is also the no. of states in India we have lived so far!!

No. of cities we have lived

images (2)

No. of years I have worked in a single pharma company

No. of years a baby has been calling me Ma


No. of houses we have moved in, lived and had some wonderful memories!

The number of Kilograms I need to loose! (To round it off to a decent figure!!)

number 10

The number of minutes I need for a nap, daily!!

So, this is it…My life from 1-10!!

Everyone is invited to take this tag…Roshmi, Amrit, Shankar, Pawan, Dhiman, Navita, Sumeet, Vipul, Miss Kido, IndianPundit, Sid ‘Ravan’ Kabe, Bharathi, Rane, Ranee Kaur Banerjee, Mou, Pra, Evanescentthoughts….and Subhayan!!