A Post From Srinagar!

A smooth takeoff from Jammu and a bumpy landing ….Voila! and we are at Srinagar!!

And all this while, I have been sniffing around for a ‘subject’ for my post!!

But nothing interesting happened on the airport…except for very irritating security checks at so many places!! I know it’s good for us only, but the way it is being done, it gets on your nerves!

A lady officer accidentally dropped somebody’s hand bag, thereby strewing across all the knick-knacks, papers, and a million hundred small things which formed the part of a big bulky bag!!

And the way the personal checking is done by lady officers, it surely gives you a eeky feeling!

On reaching the hotel, the first few tasks that were done ….

Switch on the laptop and took help of the hotel staff to get the wi-fi network connected!!

This luxury is available only for today!!

Coz, tomorrow the hilly mountains, rivers and lakes, valleys, glaciers, yaks, Buddhist monasteries, artifacts and gompas await us!!


See ya!!

Images Courtesy: http://en.wikipedia.org