Yippee! 100th Post Today!!

It’s 100th post today!! 100 posts in 111 days!! A super cool milestone to achieve, I guess!

I believe, these 100 posts have given me immense learnings.
Sharing the 100 learnings, experiences, wisdom, observations, insights and reminiscences from 100 posts on the blogosphere! (It could get very very long!! Beware!!)
  1. I CAN express. I kinda, knew it that I had a flair for writing, but blogging has confirmed that!! (You are free to disagree!!)
  2. It’s an amazing creative vent! I no longer ‘harass’ KG over silly matters!!
  3. There are multitudes of talented, intelligent people on the blogosphere, and to interact with them is one “Aha” experience.
  4. Learnt the new form of fiction…55 Fiction, which is catching everybody’s attention and imagination and is spreading like wild fire! … Thank you Dhiman!

  5. From Vipul Grover, learnt a new form of poetry…the Cinquains (poetic forms using a 5-line and 11 words pattern)! It’s tough and I know I’d not be able to write that!!
  6. Ranee, introduced me to the field of Haiku! Another new form of poetry! It has use of three (or fewer) lines of 17 or fewer syllables!! Truly challenging!
  7. How Pawan creates magic with words in his poems is simply awe inspiring. And now his thriller has spine-chilling grip!!
  8. I am learning the art of commenting from Amrit. It’s so conversational! And always has a feel good factor!
  9. Subhayan’s friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude is reflected in his posts as well as comments, which always make happy reading!!
  10. The prompt, witty, interesting, succinct comments of Roshmi, Avdi, Indian Pundit, Sid, Rane, Shruti, Pra, Bharathi, Mou, Kaddu, Shas, Sumeet, Avada, Paritosh , Musings of a lonely traveler, makes the blogging experience so very exciting and delightful.
  11. Shankar, can make an ordinary event into an interesting one with his narration!

  12. Senior bloggers like Mr. M Verma and Mr. BK Chowla, find time to read and then comment on your posts is truly motivating and heartwarming!! Thank you Sirs!
  13. I have seen many of us transform from amateurs to ‘gourmet chefs’ in the recipe of Blogs!
  14. The comradeship in the blogosphere is amazing. Strangers dropping by your blog, adding value to your thoughts and then turning into friends in such a short span of time.
  15. Help in the blogosphere is just a comment away! You pose your query/doubt/concern and in no time, you’ll have help/suggestions and tips pouring on your blog!
  16. Blogging surely enhances your imagination…to dream…
  17. Little thoughts can develop into a big idea, courtesy blogging!
  18. It surely enhances your analytical skills!
  19. Changing blog template is a breeze now! The first time, when I was to do it, I struggled and struggled and in process dedicated 3 posts in a succession on the trauma of changing a template!!
  20. HTML codes are no longer, Greek and Latin!! Of course, I am certainly not fluent in this Greek and Latin. But yes, can manage!
  21. Reflective comments, give a new dimension to your thought process. You look at things from a different perspective as well.
  22. You learn to take the comments from novices (in thoughts!) in your stride.
  23. You learn the fine art of debating as well.
  24. It’s an addiction!
  25. You are constantly on a lookout for a ‘subject’ for your blog.
  26. It makes you a part of ‘collective intelligence’!!
  27. Blogging is fun and interesting.
  28. It’s a great place for social interaction and networking!
  29. It teaches you patience and tests it too!! Ever waited for comments to pour trickle in??
  30. It helps you to explore the power of words and speech!
  31. You have a constant need to express minute and inconsequential details of daily existence on your blog. This expression is not complete without the photographs!! (If a stranger asked you something, he would surely be given a nasty look with some piece of mind too!!)
  32. You have convinced yourself that everything you do in your life is worthy of a post.
  33. Grey cell activity in your life span till date < grey cell activity after you started blogging!
  34. Your thoughts being read and appreciated, certainly gives you a high.
  35. It is certainly time consuming. Hours and hours never seem like lots of hours but just minutes passing by!!
  36. You read… read some more…think…think hard…write… re-write… post…wait…comment…wait…wait and the vicious cycle goes on and on!!
  37. It’s a wonderful combination of solitary expression and social interface.
  38. Blogging needs commitment! A post or two, once in a while, will take you out of the game.
  39. It asks for innovation. To keep trying new, interesting ideas is the challenge and the key.
  40. Doing the Tags, make you introspect! Like the “5 Things I love about myself!
  41. Tags also take you down the memory lane! Like “Just 4 Things!!
  42. Tags help you to hide that “Writer’s Block”!
  43. You can rant about the woes and pet peeves on the blogs and thereby feel a bit better.
  44. And thus, your family does not go through your tantrums (the frequency and intensity is lowered!!) because of those woes!!
  45. The internet bill goes up, so you start looking for economical and BEST packages available!
  46. Paying the internet bill is First priority!!
  47. You learn Time Management. Because, all you want to do is blog!!
  48. You become proficient in multi-tasking…talking on the phone and commenting on a blog and rebuking your child with facial expressions!!
  49. Camera is your new buddy (among non-living things!). It’s always there with you in your bag!! Coz, you never know, when you might come across something interesting and blog-worthy.
  50. You click pictures, with your blog in mind…the optimal megapixels you require for a ‘Perfect’ uploading! You do not want the bulky files to add to your woes!!
  51. You explore the art of ‘Live Blogging’, just as ‘Live’ journalism on TV. You blog about an event as it is happening!! Thoughts on a lazy Sunday is one such post.
  52. It kind of gives a feeling of creating a ‘Legacy’ for your kids and family!
  53. Anything and everything you see or hear becomes a blogging topic for you.
  54. Every second person you meet is suggested to try his/her hand at blogging.
  55. You have a burning desire to ask every person you meet to read your blogs.
  56. You try to maneuver any conversation towards your blog.
  57. You threaten/request every friend of yours to read and comment on your blog, so much so that they start avoiding you like plague.
  58. You ask your family to show their support by commenting!!
  59. And you realize that everybody comments on your blogs EXCEPT your own friends!!
  60. A blog idea can strike you anywhere, anytime… while cooking or swimming and for me it even comes the moment I open my eyes, in the morning.
  61. My hubby surely believes that I am having an affair with my blog!
  62. Even my child knows …. The other day, our elderly neighbor asked him about me, and pat came the reply, “Ma is blogging!!”
  63. If something interesting happens, you immediately think about how you’re going to write about it on your blog.
  64. You give a bright beaming smile to your monitor screen, whenever you see a new follower!
  65. You keep looking at other blogs for new, interesting widgets and try to add them to your page! And the poor page is so loaded, that it can’t open coz of its own weight!
  66. You get very hyper, if somebody informs that your comments section is not working or your page is not getting loaded!!
  67. Blog Décor is very important for you, and hence you download dozens of templates and keep trying new ones, every few days!
  68. You become acquaintances or friends with those who comment on your blog.
  69. You see statistics with renewed interest! And you review your blog statistics every few minutes.
  70. A power cut or a modem error gives you panic attacks.
  71. You mention your blog and where to read it at Facebook and Twitter and on other online profiles you might have.
  72. You feel guilty about not catching up with blogger friends and leaving comments, even when you are swamped with work!!
  73. You become angry if you don’t get many comments on a blog that you worked so very hard on. (Guys, don’t let me down on this one, coz I have worked REALLY REALLY hard on this post!! )
  74. You don’t read books anymore because blogs are more entertaining. The 150 pages of New Moon are pending since ages!!
  75. You spend so much time reading other FB’s blogs to draw ‘Inspiration’!
  76. Weekends are heavenly, coz you get loads of time on the blogosphere!!
  77. After you blog, you re-read your blog post numerous times for enjoyment/amusement and to check your spelling/grammar to make sure your post looks and sounds good.
  78. When a friend you haven’t seen in a while asks what you’ve been up to and you respond, “Read my blog.”
  79. You get upset when a blog you enjoy reading hasn’t updated in a few days or more. And you wonder, ‘Why??’
  80. You find it insane, when you can’t think of anything to blog about.
  81. When an idea strikes you and you are nowhere near a computer, you start ‘writing’ the post in your head!
  82. Even at a party, you sneak into your host’s computer room and check the new comments and stats! And come out rejoicing or dejected depending on the blog’s status.
  83. You miss out on your daily dose of jogging or exercise, coz, the blog post of the day has not taken shape and form still!
  84. A friend told his 3 year old daughter, “Baby, tell this to Aunty, and then she will write about you on her blog!!”
  85. A friend understanding my state of mind when I am not near the computer for long, offers to use her laptop WITH net anytime (and how so many times I wish) whenever I meet at her place, for long weekends.
  86. When you are going out of town, you worry about the loneliness your blog would experience.
  87. You make reservations in hotels, which have in-house internet connectivity or have cyber cafes nearby! Our trip to Leh is one such current example.
  88. Your closest friends know that the easiest way to communicate with you is by submitting a comment.
  89. You learn to read the entire post (and then comment too) of a FB even it is way too long or sometimes plain boring with a topic in which you have no interest. After all, dosti kee hai to nibhani bhi padegi!!
  90. You realize that you are not the only one, who is wide awake and posting comments at weird hours of the night!
  91. Live Traffic Widget is a constant source of amazement and smiles, as you see some regular visitors from Bhilwara or Lincolnshire or Ohio or Mountain View!
  92. The Rewards and Recognition make you more determined to….BLOG!!
  93. You wish you have more friends….in the blogosphere.
  94. You now describe your addiction to blogging, as “committed and driven to speak my mind”!!
  95. And actually, you don’t mind being called a blog addict!! You smile pompously at that!!
  96. You prepare for milestone posts (like the 25th or 50th or 75th and of course 100th post) the way you’d do for your daughter’s wedding!!
  97. Seeing your name in the “Top Commenters” on a FB’s blog make you smile and drives you to be the Topmost!!
  98. Its exam time for the kid and YOU know the priority, but still you grab few minutes and see the action on the blog!
  99. There would be a time (which would be any time now!), when KG would be pointing a gun finger at me and saying, “Log Off from the net and have an intelligent conversation with me, rather than answering in monosyllables with a silly grin!”
  100. Last but not the least you look at blog and feel proud as you see your little baby growing every day.
And, I’d also like to say….
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