Mission Accomplished!!

I am Happy!

No, I am ecstatic.

A wish has been granted.

Rather a mission has been accomplished.

This was on my mind, heart and soul, for God knows, how many years!!

And God alone knows, how many efforts I must have done all these years to achieve that goal.

Though I am very satisfied, grateful and content today, believe me, the road to success was not one rosy path!

This task, though a difficult one has enriched me in many ways, over a period of time.

Reading all the stuff I could lay my eyes on.

Listening to anybody who could offer a tip or an advice.

Talking to specialists and people who were successful doing it!

Praying to all the Gods I know, for some ‘Divine Intervention’.

This project honed my skills a bit in nagging persuasion and a great in follow-ups.

I guess, I have become adept at identifying certain olfactory sensations and olfactory perceptions too.

Because of this mission, I believe I am now eligible to be a detective researcher too! So anybody hiring??

This assignment made me realize and understand the wisdom of many idioms and sayings, in fact I found solace in them! viz…

  • “Naggers always know what they are doing. They weigh up the risks, then they go on and on and on until they get what they want or until they get punched.”Jools Holland

Of course, I got punched sometimes (not physically, but loads of mental blows!)

  • “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!”

Yeah, this was The Most Important Learning!!

And of course,

  • “Slow and steady, wins the race”.

I created awareness about it and garnered support for it, roped in even the little one into it, because I strongly believe in ‘The more the merrier!’

Recurrent emails, e-cards filled the mail box of the concerned personnel.

Wrote even a blog post on it!

And Finally…the mission was accomplished!!

And the mission…KG quit smoking!!

And it’s been more than 50 days since he has kicked that butt!

And hope it stays that way!

Thank you God, Thank you friends and a big thank you to our lil’ one, who once took a placard with the ill effects of smoking as his social message in a fancy dress competition and would be too keen to show it to his dad whenever he could lay his hands on it, or being my lil’ spy and spilling the beans whenever he found the senior smoking!

KG is off this bad thingy called ciggy because of my efforts!!?? That would be a wrong thing to say!! I just gave him a push (or rather lots of Pushes!)…the efforts were his!!

And yes, Thank you KG for listening to your heart!!…(whose??…Yours, Mine or Ours!??)