I’m Back!!


Yeah, I am back!!
Back in the blogosphere!

But, where was I?? 
Or what kept me away from my beloved blog?
Or how could I miss my daily dose of thoughtful insights from my fellow bloggers??
How could I spend so many days without marveling at the amazing talent, creativity and diverse thoughts in the blogosphere??

Oh, the reasons are many… (or are they the excuses??)

  • The festival season…Navratras…Dusshera…Karvachauth…and the grand finale Diwali!
  • The Diwali cleaning…gosh, how much clutter I had to banish from my home this time!!
  • Kid’s CCE III (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation…in short my exams!!)
  • Then our baby’s school vacations…which topsy-turvies my schedule!
  • Guests…Navratras and holidays attract a lot of Vaishno Devi Mata’s darshan!
  • Shopping…my favorite activity.
  • A new addiction…Farmville at Facebook! I need some more neighbors! (Please add me as your neighbor!!)
  • Parties and get-togethers. This festive season, our evenings were busier than a Page 3 socialite! (Imagine at a place like Jammu!!)
  • May be a bit of writer’s block! Actually, didn’t  use the grey cells at all in this direction!!

Anyways, it’s high time and it’s time to get back to work!!

So back I am!
To start with on my blog and soon on all your blogs!!
Can’t wait to meet you all again!!


Images Courtesy: http://i416.photobucket.com & http://johnnyyanok.com