All in a Day’s Work

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Oh, all in a day’s work is nothing special. It’s just the routine.

But a single day’s thoughts, expressions, learnings, observations can run into reams of pages. Jotting down some of the A to Z of a day of my life!

In a day, I…

  • Accept the challenges that life throws my way.
  • Accomplish miracles with a gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile or a hug
  • Aggravate sometimes a simple issue
  • Amuse myself by playing FarmVille
  • Annoy the lil’ baby by not giving in to his demands
  • Anxiously wait for the feedback on my new blog post
  • Bewilder at the regressive programs on the television
  • Bitch about anything that is not to my liking
  • Calmly control the tantrums of a 7 year old
  • Cheerfully agree to disagree with…KG!
  • Confuse the issue…(Sometimes…once in a odd while!)
  • Crazily look at the goodies on my virtual farm
  • Curiously observe the magpies hitting their beaks on the glass pane ceaselessly
  • Cynically appraise myself
  • Determine the plan of action for the day
  • Disappoint the 2 men of our home on the dining table
  • Drink 3 cups of masala tea
  • Enthrall the kid by reading him the stories from the Panchatantra
  • Envy nobody
  • Frustrate the maid with endless instructions to wash her hands before doing anything in kitchen
  • Giggle out loud at the silly SMS jokes
  • Gratefully thank God for all his blessings
  • Happily cook
  • Hope for the best in everything
  • Irritate myself and others too
  • Jealously guard my mini-library
  • Kiss and make-up with an annoyed KG or AG
  • Laze around too
  • Love the feeling of being loved
  • Madly play FarmVille
  • Numbly brave the cold weather out here
  • Optimistically look at things
  • Peacefully sleep
  • Quixotically refrain from using our Treadmill
  • Refresh myself by listening to KG and AG about their day’s happenings
  • Reject whacky ideas that keep floating in my brain
  • Rejuvenate myself with a 10 minute nap
  • Relax by listening to Jagjit Singh
  • Rush to help
  • Sadly remember some memories
  • Shock KG when he sees me without my laptop
  • Surprise the 2 men by suggesting, “Let’s not go to a South Indian food joint, this time!”
  • Sympathetically listen to the official grouches shared by KG
  • Thank God again
  • Think, think, think…
  • Touch base with family and friends
  • Understand the importance of life
  • Value my relationships
  • Worry too!
  • X-ray the new things a bit too deeply
  • Yearn to be a kid again
  • Zealously work.

It’s all in a day’s work!

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