Garbled Thoughts

It’s Sunday evening and there is heightened activity of the grey cells. In, other words, a lot of garbled and scattered thoughts are getting generated every few minutes seconds
Of course, nothing is taking proper form and shape. May be jotting them down would bring some clarity… I don’t know…

  • Its 5 pm already!
  • Party is at 7 pm…KG is still not back (Has gone to Samba and Kathua for work!)
  • Yeah…working even on a Sunday!
  • Need to buy the gift too. What should it be?? A decorative? A home utility thing?
  • What do I wear for the evening!!
  • I know in the end, it will be just the denims with a jacket!
  • The kid is not too well. The annual sports day practice and program has tired the lil’ baby!
  • Oops! That was too hot! Burnt some taste buds, courtesy hot tea!
  • Super Growth Pumpkins will be ready to harvest at 6.45 pm.
  • Will I get time to harvest them and plant new seeds??
  • I seriously wish, I get the time to do so. If that does not happen, they will wither by 11 pm.
  • And we will surely not be back from the party by that time! *Sigh*
  • But don’t wanna be late for the party too. The hosts had specially highlighted the need to be on time!
  • First, KG should be back home.
  • Missed the gym today! Bad!!
  • Oh, no work-outs for a day, will not matter much. Is it??
  • Have to respond to blog comments too.
  • 1st February tomorrow.
  • Ishquiya has been released with good reviews.
  • When will we watch it?
  • Milk needs to be replenished!
  • Wow! KG is back.
  • So, we will leave for the party on time!
  • And am sure now that my Super Growth Pumpkins will wither!! What a earth shattering thing will happen!
  • Mr. Bean is truly mad.
  • “Kya Aatma Studio Main Aayegi” Live on India TV!! God…they are crazy!!
  • Time to get ready!
  • A post is done!
  • Something constructive out of these garbled thoughts 😉

You have a great evening!!
Cheers 🙂