A to Z of Marriage

Meeting the love of your life and then being in marital bliss together..
Met a stranger and then turning your marriage into a happy one… either ways, requires a lot of hard work.
Marriages, they say, are made in heaven, but so are lightening and thunder!

Even, if there are no lightening and thunder, it’s always good to remember and know the ingredients that make for a happy marriage!

So, here’s the A to Z of the ingredients needed to make a marriage, happy and blissful!

AcceptAccept differences.
Bond…That grows with passing time.
CommunicateCommunicate with words, deeds, gestures, eyes…
DreamTalk about dreams and help each other to realize them.
ExpectationsHave them, but realistic ones!
FaithHave it in abundance in each other.
Give…Surprises, gifts, support, pleasure, happiness, forgiveness…
HoldHold hands. And each other too!!
Intimacy…For a healthy, happy relationship.
Juggle many rolesListener, admirer, critique, counselor, friend…
KissStart and end each day with a kiss.
LaughterLaugh together.
Maturing togetherWelcome the natural developments of personality and partnership that happens with time.
Nurture…Your love
OK to argue…But not in front of kids!
Positive attitude…Leads to a happy and successful married life.
Quality timeSpend quality time together.
RespectRespect each other and give each other some space too.
Small things…Matter a lot
TraditionsCreate and follow your own rituals and family traditions.
Understand…Each other from your inmost heart.
VisionPursue the same life paths, values and goals and mutually commit to those paths, values and goals.
Wedding ringWear it all times
XcitementAdd extra sparkles of excitement, regularly!
Yours truly…For each other
Zest and zeal…Through thick and thin!

Happy Anniversary!! 🙂

Images Courtesy : www.rudemugs.co.uk & http://www.bbc.co.uk

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