What If…

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What If….
“What if” is a question and lots of questions are beginning to crop up.
Thinking out loud…

  • What if men got pregnant?
  • What if dinosaurs lived today?
  • What if you were convicted of a crime that wasn’t?
  • What if God was one of us?
  • What if your spouse was cheating on you?what-if
  • What if kids ruled the world?
  • What if Coco Cola had brand extensions like Coca Cola Plus (Coca Cola with Vodka), Coca Cola DS (Coca Cola with Rum), Coca Cola Forte (Coca Cola with Whiskey)…
  • What if your body gave an instant alarm whenever you took an extra calorie of food!
  • What if the doctor had a stroke while performing a surgery on you!
  • What if you could go back in time and “Undo” the mistakes you did.
  • What if, the aliens and monster creatures of sci-fi movies attacked you, the way they do in movies?
  • What if life was a bed of roses.
  • What if there was a crime free world.
  • What if everybody was happy.
  • What if you went on a date to an expensive restaurant and found that your credit card was blocked?
  • What if you could read every body’s thoughts?
  • What if your best friend falls in love with you?
  • What if your doctor looked like Brad Pitt!?
  • What if your father is the next President of the country?
  • What if you are addicted to FarmVille and know about it too?

What if…
Well, I can have a lots of “Ifs” and you can have a lot of “Buts”, but If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas, so until then Happy Blog-a-ton!
Cheers 🙂

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