Pallavi from the Writer-z-block posted a Fun Unscramble yesterday. A small sentence had to be unscrambled. And as we bloggers are bright kids on the block. ALL the commentators got the answer right.

So, the creative and wonderful organizer of this fun game decided to award the first three commentators and the last three commentators! Yeah, the last three, too!! 😀
And the fun did not stop here, there was a wonderful Trophy too.

I shared this golden trophy with Prats and Uma (The first 3 Winners) and IHM, Shail and Masood (The last 3 Winners)!!

And there’s more… This is a SUPER F-UN-SCRAMBLER GOLDEN rolling TROPHY, which means, as Pallavi puts it , “ Proud recipients of the F-Un-Scrambler Golden rolling Trophy are HEREBY TAGGED to put up a similar post with scrambled/jumbled words!! No rules/conditions apply. It just has to be jumbled words or jumbled letters or both, the way you like it!!”  And the winners would be given this beautiful golden trophy.

So are you ready??

Here’s the challenge for you…

Find the letters for these numbers to obtain a peculiar 4 word-sentence…
4516618    5317738   378806   5663

(Hint : You may need a Calculator, but not to calculate!!)

Think…think some more and the Super F-UN-SCRAMBLER GOLDEN rolling TROPHY could be yours!!

Cheers 🙂

PS : Comment moderation is enabled!