What’s On Her Mind??

A couple in the neighborhood separated, recently. Married for 15 years with a teenage daughter, the reason for going separate ways is the entry of the Other Woman.

What factors led to this, that they took this extreme step, or who is responsible for the problems in their marriage… well, I don’t know the details (and I will not get into that), and I am not going to speculate too.

The only thing that is on top of my mind is The Other Woman.

The Other Woman is someone who is in a relationship with a man who is legally committed somewhere else. Each woman would have different situation/circumstances, that led her to be in the shoes of the Other Woman. These situations are never black or white and thus have a lot of grey areas. While most of us would label them as vamps or home-wreckers, they might not be necessarily the same.

What ever the circumstances, that made a woman, the Other Woman, I wonder what goes on in her mind…
She knows that the man is married and with a family, so…

  • Does this thought ever cross her mind that she could be jeopardizing the happiness of all in the family? And may be even breaking a home and changing the course of life for all the family?
  • Does she feel powerful in that relationship?
  • Does she believe that she is doing a noble deed by way of comforting, helping or consoling the man (if he needs that!)?
  • Are the emotional connect, physical gratification or financial gains important than moral or logical standards?
  • Does she ever take a guilt trip?
  • Does she sleep well, in peace?
  • Can she trust that man? I mean, can she expect loyalty from him?
  • Does she think of her future with that man? And what if he never leaves his family or dumps her too, later?
  • Does she ever think about her reaction, if there was another woman in her own marriage?
  • Does she ever think of the wife… her mental state on knowing about the other woman’s presence in her married life?
  • Does she ever think that she would be the target for the anger and wrath or may be even curses?
  • What’s her mental make up…of high self-esteem or a low self esteem?
  • Is she able to cope well with the knowing looks or accusing looks from the people who know about her relationship status?
  • Is she ok with the loose talks or labels on her personality (typical Indian social psyche)?
  • Is she happy with her presence as a ghost in a marriage?
  • Does she feel responsible for her actions?
  • How does she find living with the tag of “The Other Woman” ?

And I also wonder, if she would like to stop being The Other Woman…