What’s on your mind?

 Ok, If…

  • you are bored
  • have nothing important to do for some time
  • have some active Facebook users in your ‘friends’ list

Here’s a tried and tested formula, to banish the boredom from your life day…

Sit on your Facebook Home Page and refresh it from time to time and read the status messages from your ‘friends’. And believe me you will experience a myriad of expressions, ranging from LOL to ROFL; irritation to intrigue, amazement to disgust… they are from living room to bed room, hostel mess to stomach gas, break-ups to patch-ups, in all meant to thoroughly entertain you.

Don’t believe me?? Here are the actual Facebook Status Updates. Names and identities have been withheld to protect myself from the anger and wrath of fellow Facebook users!!

  • The Weather Reporters: The forecast on your TV or that small section in the newspaper are simply passé, coz you have friends who will give you the 100% authentic weather report and will also share their expectations and thoughts.
        • Rain is falling chhama chham chham…
        • Baarish ho rahi hai…it’s raining, it’s raining…
        • The rain Gods are quiet since morning……Ye dil Maangae More!!!!!
        • No rains, water supply halved, power cut chaloo !!! Tera kya hoga Rajasthan!!
  • “I can do anything for comments’: They’ll post some vague comment and then you will have a whole lot of ‘Ohs’ and ‘Aahs’ from their friends. Example…
        • XYZ : Feeling Sad :(((((
        • Friend 1 : What happened, baby?
        • Friend 2 : Oh, are you alright??
        • Friend 3 : Cheer up 🙂
        • Friend 4 :Pls share…. waiting!
        • Friend 5 :Don’t worry, be happy.
        • Friend 6 : Arz kiya hai..ahem…kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milta..kisi ko zameen kisi ko aasmaan nahi milta…wah! wah! Oh yaar..chill! It too shall pass 🙂
        • XYZ : Oh, it’s a touchy subject.
  • The Suggestion Seekers : These guys need suggestions for anything and everything on Facebook.
        • Wanna groove on some good hip-hop beats… any suggestions??
        • Needs to lose 40 lbs (pregnancy weight) 🙁 It is going to be challenging again but I gotta do it no matter what. Any suggestions on how can I achieve my goal?
  • Thinking Out Loud…Very Loud : What’s better than Facebook?
        • P, Q and R have invaded my house…. guys, please leave….. It’s time to sleep!!
        • ABC is wondering what I should wear today, My Halo & Wings or My Horns & Tail….???
  • Profound Answer Seekers : Life’s deeper thoughts and answers are looked for, here.
        • Why do people lie for small –small things??
        • Do you believe you can be with someone, say nothing and walk away feeling like you have had the best conversation in your life?
  • Witty Ones : These are the ones who spread cheers and smiles. Sometimes original sometimes picked from here and there.
        • Why are ‘close’ friends so ‘open’ to one another?
        • I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.
  • The Commentators: These are the people who will give the running commentary on the events and happenings around…
        • ‎3 Idiots…on Sony Entertainment Television.
        • New Zealand vs. Brazil today at the FIFA World Cup for Women.
  • The Quote Masters : The QMs provide a regular dose of motivational or witty quotes on your wall. Some give due credit to the celebrity/person who said those famous words while others conveniently ignore it and in so doing, many a times get the “Wows” from their friends.
        • My children are trying to ensure that the nice people in white coats come and put me in a padded cell!
        • Don’t drink and drive……. you might go over a bump and spill your drink!!
  • Killers of 2 Birds with One Stone : Self explanatory…
        • Strange but true – there are few bloggers who will add you as a friend even if they do not know you or have not visited your blog ever, only so that they can send you the request to join their fan page 😛
        • Mora piya mo se bolat nahin…. 🙁
  • The Advertisers : No, they are not the advertisers on your TV or newspaper et al, but your very own friends who want the world (their world, of course) to know about their achievements, success and happenings in their life.
        • Yippee!! My post PQRST got picked by Blogadda!
        • I became a dad today 🙂 Am lost for words to express the feeling!!
  • Believers of “Nothing personal about my personal life”: Such people will share their very personal life stories or moments here.
        • Ah my ego – I didn’t call my husband for 15 days. And when I did, he didn’t take my call for the next 15 days because of his ego. Long distance relationship creating long distances??
        • Backache, body ache and cramps in stomach – ouch..I guess it’s that time of the month again.
  • The Spammers : The spammers will post silly, trivial, not of importance to anyone but them, or links of various sites, on their status.
        • On page 321 of 936 of Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
        • Feeling sleepy.
  • The Ranters : Oh, they have a grouse for anything and everything.
        • Mumbai roads and traffic – I wish my auto had a fly button.
        • I wish people would start minding their own business.
  • The Shayars: The poets in making or simply sharing their current state of mind through shers and shayaris or songs
        • Ek arsey ke baad sukoon ki neend zara main soya hu…Maa ke kaandhe per sir rakhkar aaj bahot main roya hu..!
        • Tere bina zindgi se shikwa … to nahin … shikwa nahin …Tere bina zindgi bhi lekin …. zindgi … to nahin … zindgi nahin … zindgi nahin …

There is never a dull moment when you are reading the Facebook Status Updates!! What do you think?? Oh, let me make this my Facebook Status. 😉

Thank you Neha for your valuable inputs! 🙂

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