Ten on Tuesday – 4

cooltext468162920.png10 Things I Like About Moving to a New City

  1. It’s a whole new experience. I have loved staying in a metro city like Mumbai to “soon-to-be” Metro cities like Jaipur and Lucknow and towns like Jodhpur, Kota and Jammu. Each place offered a distinct flavour and gave us an experience of a life time.
  2. Every city has given us a new set of friends, thereby adding a different sparkle and energy in our life.
  3. Each place has taught me a lot about adaptation. For example,staying in Mumbai for 8 years, made me a “Mall Woman”. Even for shopping of onions or bread, it would be the likes of Spencer’s or D-Mart or Big Bazaar etc, where, I’d go. While in Jodhpur and Jammu, none of these brands have entered yet, so without a frown, I have shopped till I dropped in these places too!
  4. A new place, a new house and a new decor to make it a home. I love this aspect of arranging everything in a new layout!
  5. The clutter that we accumulate in a short span of time at each place gets sorted, distributed or discarded as we move to a new place.
  6. Each city has made us acquainted with it’s unique culture and traditions. We have experienced, the hectic pace of life and not knowing one’s own neighbours in Mumbai to extra nosey neighbours and very conservative and orthodox outlook in Jodhpur. Everybody is a friend in Lucknow and everybody is extra religious in Jammu!
  7. Food of each city has added variety and spice in our tummies. The Gatte and Kadhi, Dal-Baati of Jaipur and Haldi-ki-Subzi and Mirchi Vada of Jodhpur to Kebabs of Lucknow and Rista-Gushtaba-Tabak Maas of Jammu have tantalised our taste-buds and made us more open to different tastes and treats.
  8. I like the exploration part! And exploring in a new city for a tailor who would alter the jeans or looking for red sandal powder which would be sold by a lone shopkeeper in the market which had narrow by-lanes, looking around and trying to commit every sight, every banner/hoarding to memory, for future reference and finding what you need is one thrilling experience.
  9. The weekend-getaways are always new and different, as there is so much to explore in and around each city.
  10. I like the whole process of packing, unpacking, arranging, exploring, settling, learning, savouring and adapting at the new place, simply awesome and amazing!!

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