Ten on Tuesday – 6


Ten Things I Miss About My Childhood

  1. Eating all fattening things without a care or worry about gaining inches.
  2. Being chubby meant cute lil kid and not big fat cow!
  3. Making friends was so easy. You show a new doll or a new toy and all the kids in the neighbourhood would flock around you.
  4. Because of your age, you could get away with any blunder or mischief.
  5. Your nice baby skin would always glow without the expensive creams or facials, hair were always smooth and silky without the shampoos and conditioners.
  6. The biggest wish would be to be able to play outside with friends for longer periods of time.
  7. Being ignorant did not mean getting weird, funny looks.
  8. The thrills and excitement and finding magic and mystery in every new thing.
  9. The way you saw the world around you. Everything seemed so open, simple and possible, without a “what’s in it for me?”
  10. The scents, the tastes, the memories that remind of childhood!

What do you miss about your childhood!!??
And, Uma, your tag’s done!!
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