Hello! I am Back!!

In fact, I could have been back into this wonderful Blog World a lil’ sooner! But, I was a bit indecisive. I knew I had a list of tasks in front of me but was confused about prioritising them.

The other day, I looked at my blog and its archive after a long time and the first thought, “Gosh, this looks like a photo blog!” And this didn’t made me smile. I pledged to change this look of my beloved baby and opened my Windows Live Writer to let my fingers dance on the keyboard and the various experiences and imagination come live on screen… But lo, the next moment, everything froze as another thought started taking a shape and form.

The thought was, “Shouldn’t I be first responding to all the comments/feedbacks on the blog before I post anything new?”

Before I rant further, I’d like to thank all YOU readers who took care of this baby blog while I was busy packing and unpacking!! Thank YOU! 🙂

And then I had no time to delve further on the second thought, as a new thought sprang up, “I guess, I should first read !” Read the posts from all the wonderful writers who kept the numbers on my Reader galloping. But seeing the mere number of Unread Posts kind of numbed me!

Then KG got a new handset for me a few days ago (5 days to be precise!)… It’s The BlackBerry!! And no, points for guessing, I am hooked onto it! Exploring it’s various features, chatting with friends, checking my emails on it (despite sitting with the laptop and the mailbox open on it!!)  I know, I know, I sound like a crazy woman! And the best part is SMSing. Yes, we are back to the civilised world where one can SMS. You know, the SMS service is banned in J&K since the last 5 months. So, am enjoying the fun and joy of exchanging SMSs! Uma, I have not forgotten!

So the net result is, no new post (now this will get posted, so it’s a beginning), no response to the blog comments and the numbers in the Reader continue to increase.

But, knowing me, all this will change soon, very soon and all will be settled and sorted out ASAP.

And as I type this, I get a happy feeling!

Cheers for happiness!
Cheers to YOU! 🙂