Live from the Train

I am in a train… going home from Delhi. No, I was not in Delhi but in transit after a 3 day workshop at Jim Corbett National Park.Boarded the train and found my seat. For a good half an hour, not a single soul had occupied any seat near me, which gave me mild panic attacks despite knowing that I was in the right train and right coach and of course on the right seat! I know, I could have gone a bit ahead of my seat and checked with some other passengers, but I vetoed that idea and continued to feel anxious and confident at the same time. Thankfully, the TTI came and I was back to my normal self.

Since, my farm had been neglected for good 3 days, so, I immediately restored order on my virtual farm, answered a few mails and read few blog posts and scanned my system to post a pic for Wordless Wednesday. And soon, Delhi Cantt arrived and then came a barrage of passengers, of course all around me! And one word that describes all my co-passengers is Tech Savvy!! Coz immediately after settling in, all are busy with their electronic gadgets!

A young guy sitting next to me is chatting on his Blackberry. Some interesting conversation he is having because he is trying hard to not laugh out loud!

An elderly uncle is playing some game on his mobile and it seems, either he is levelling up very fast in the game or failing miserably as the game music is being played every few seconds!

His wife sitting across me (and looks like an elderly housewife!), is listening to music on an i-pod with her eyes closed and her sandals are continuously touching my legs. A patient me has shifted into one deep corner to avoid the contact!

Yet another guy is typing furiously on his laptop! Is he a blogger, I wonder!

And another one on the side berth is checking the pictures on his Nikon camera!! Ah, it’s the same gadget which is on my wish list!!

And I can listen to a business conversation of somebody in the adjacent section.

Though, all tech savvy people around me in this train, sadly all the four electric charging points are non-functional. Hope the battery of my laptop lasts for a while! Ah, it’s showing 34%. I guess, I should post this before the battery conks off!

Have a great time guys, as I keep myself busy to know and understand why “The Devil Wears Prada”, because the train will reach Jaipur at midnight!!