Some Blogarbled Thoughts

Date : 14th February 2011 (Dampener: Mentioning the date here has got nothing to do with the V-Day!)
Blog Count in February : 2

And these 2 facts have led to some heightened activity in my grey cells which are safely covered under a tuft of few grey hair!!

Like a chain reaction, the grey cells are generating thousands hundreds a few thoughts which are drumming the insides of my lil’ brain! And before they explode, lemme jot them here…

  • My ‘simple calculation’ challenged brain is trying to count the remaining days in February and the number of  garbled thoughts I can generate in this month.  And I am still not able to figure it out!! Guess, will have to take a break and count on fingers! A single digit blog count is disturbing me!!
  • What should I write, that could be posted in minutes, as I have loads of other things to do. Yes, among loads of other things, I do find time to tend my virtual farm!! Level 100 and still going STRONG!! No, the WWs and Thursday Challenge are not the answer! I don’t like it when my blog looks like a Photo Blog! 
  • The ever increasing Reader count is scary and I am oscillating between the Reader and my baby blog without any productive work on either of the two!
  • And then, a few grey cells are pushing me to respond to the comments on my blog too! I HAVE to do this sooooooooooooooon!
  • “I guess, I should write about my last travelling experience ”, says a tiny cell. “No, that is not so great”, says another. “How about bringing some Drafts to life?”, another G cell points out and yet another pessimist one is quick to crush it and the war goes on…
  • The various contests in the blogosphere are tempting me!! Nah, they can’t be be taken up now!
  • And, then I have faltered on some blog world deadlines! 🙁
  • Also….

I hope, the grey cells work constructively tomorrow so that a ‘nice’ post is visible on my blog tomorrow!
But, even with the cacophony they created today, a post is up on the blog!! AHA!!

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