Thursday Challenge – Movement

Movement as in Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,.. That’s the theme this Thursday.Seen here in this picture is Aaryan enjoying Water Zorbing!

Let me share the process involved in Water Zorbing…

First a person has to climb inside a deflated Zorb which is made up of PVC. Then it is inflated and finally zipped and sealed. Next, the Zorb with the person inside is rolled into the water.

It’s sheer fun to do Water Zorbing and even more funnier to watch others do it.

Balancing the position inside the Zorb Ball can be quite tricky, especially in the water.

People keep falling, rolling and curling inside the ball. The key to maintain the posture is to spread the legs and arms wide while moving inside the ball.

It’s not only a fun game for kids but also for the adults! Though the adults are better at it, because of their weight and balancing skills.

Have you tried your hands (arms and legs too) at Water Zorbing??

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