Live Blogging… From the Bus!

I am travelling from Jaipur to Delhi in the 1300 hours LCD Volvo Bus. Yeah, that’s what is mentioned on the booking window wall which has the timetable of the RSRTC busses. Actually, it is a super luxury bus. Super Luxuries include LCD TV on each seat, a pantry and a toilet!!

The bus is about to start and we hear some arguments from the back seats. The bus conductor immediately goes at the back to check out and what follows is a comical scene. It happens so that two gentlemen are haggling for the same seat. And both are right as both their tickets show seat no. 24. Of course, the experienced eye of the conductor is quick to point out that one passenger has to de-board, coz his ticket was for 1 AM for the date 20th April. The passenger is shocked and then composes himself and shares for all to hear that he had booked the ticket through internet and goofed up on the time, instead of clicking 1300 hours, he clicked at 0100 hours. He gets down the bus sheepishly.

Next, we have 2 men coming up in the front to complain to the driver that their LCDs are not working. The conductor checks their LCDs and announces that passengers can claim their refund from the next stop at Narain Singh Circle. And we have 5 guys at the booking window at Narain Singh Circle for their refund. 4 have got their refund smoothly and the 5th one is haggling. His view point is that the sound is not working though the pictures are appearing. The Roadways guy had to come inside and check it himself. So much of time is wasted for a refund of Rs 50!! But what to do, we are the new ‘awakened and aware’ citizens of India, who will fight for their rights and anything unjust!

The conductor is distributing water bottles to all and a foreigner behind me has said a loud and clear “Dhanyawad”. So sweet!

The bus is traversing a crowded road and I saw that a person on the road pulled a beggar girl away. She was oblivious to the approaching bus. Kind gesture!

Finally reached the highway and it’s peace all around. I can see many are sleeping and one guy sitting diagonally behind me is keen to read what I am typing on my lappy! Need a super hero’s eyesight to read from that angle!

It seems that the first four seats (first two on the either side of the aisle) are reserved for women who are travelling alone. I have been getting seat no. 2 most of the times. My 3 lady co-passengers are sleeping and as for me, sleep is not elusive rather it is difficult, coz the road ahead is clearly visible and am forever watching the traffic and reading anything with words.

Mid-way is still an hour away. Let me catch up on my reading words which are power packed in short stories in Urban Shots! Prateek, have read your story and it’s simply awesome!! Gave a feel good factor!

Bye for now! More, to follow, sometimes later!