Stanley Ka Dabba

After seeing a promo of Stanley Ka Dabba on TV, we decided to see this movie.

Stanley ka Dabba is Produced, Directed and Written by Amol Gupte, the writer of Taare Zameen Par. In fact, he even acted as the selfish Hindi teacher cum villain of this movie. A heart-warming story with kids as main characters, Stanley ka Dabba is not only for kids but is actually for adults. It’s a movie, which all of us can relate to our school days.

The innocent friendship among the classmates irrespective of their backgrounds and trying to impress the sweet and beautiful teacher is very endearing.

If you had cried bucketful in TZP, you will at least cry a couple of mugful for the brilliant Stanley, played by Partho, Amol Gupte’s son. In a scene, where he drinks water to quench his hunger, is heart-rending.

The message in the end, leaves a deep impact. Majorly shot in a classroom, this movie moves you not only with its simple and uncomplicated narration but also the brilliant acting by the kids and teachers.

A MUST watch movie.