Ten on Tuesday – 11

Ah!! Before I knew, what I did, something happened and comments of Ten on Tuesday-10 are featuring in this latest post! 😛 Any suggestions to rectify this??
Ten Things About The IPL Match We Saw Yesterday!
Yesterday, we had the IPL Match between the Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings at SMS Stadium, Jaipur.
  1. The first and foremost thing about this match was, that for the first time, the three of us, KG, Aaryan and I, saw a Live Cricket Match in a stadium.
  2. We, I mean, the kid and I were super excited about this, so much so that we went to buy the Rajasthan Royals T-shirt from the Reebok outlet. I got a perfect Tee for myself, but sadly, couldn’t get one for Aaryan.
  3. On time, we went to the stadium and My God!, had to pass through so many security checks. We had our mobiles with us, which were duly asked to be left outside the stadium. Today’s newspaper reported that even Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi was not allowed to carry her camera!
  4. We got our seats which was in the first row, next to the ground and the RR’s cheerleaders stage was just in front of us.
  5. The first innings by CSK was pretty entertaining, with lots of 4s and 6s. A 6 landed in our stand. It was nice to see people cheering for good shots irrespective of the team they supported.
  6. The cheerleaders were sweet looking foreigners and the boys had a good time cheering them!
  7. The cheerful banter among the spectators around us was pretty entertaining too. Players like, Rahul Dravid, Ajinkya, Jakati, Murali Vijay, Dwayne Bravo were standing so very close to us (for fielding), but with their backs towards us. So, there were remarks like, “Turn towards us, or you’ll get out at Zero” Or don’t run so hard… let it be a 4”…
  8. It was dinner time, so Aaryan dived into his dinner box… one bite and he gave his verdict…while the young boys behind us finished the tasteless complimentary dinner box with great gusto. 
  9. At sharp 10 pm, the music at the stadium was stopped as per the directive of the Supreme Court which has put a ban on use of loudspeakers and high pitched instruments at night. But IPL without music is pale and dull.
  10. And when the RR’s batting order started crumbling, we knew which way the game would turn, so we left the stadium for a quiet dinner at a restaurant. Overall a fun and entertaining evening.

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