Ten on Tuesday – 10

The 2 Year Journey So Far…This baby blog of mine turned 2 on 1st May.
After 18 hours of travel that day, at 10.28 pm, all I could manage was a cake for the birthday celebration.
They say, it’s never late to celebrate, so, I’d like to celebrate my 2 year old journey in this blogosphere…

  1. Blogging for me has been a wonderful creative vent to whet my writing skills! It allows me to write on anything with my own special ‘chutney’. 324 Posts in 2 years!! That makes it a post approximately every 2nd day. Not bad, eh!
  2. The most cherished and admirable gain has been friends. The camaraderie in the blogosphere is amazing. Strangers dropping by your blog, adding value to your thoughts and then turning into friends in such a short span of time. Can’t wait to meet the beautiful virtual friends in real life.
  3. Learnings… Learnings and Learnings. There is so much to absorb from the varied and diverse expressions here. Raising voice against injustice or creating awareness on a social cause, fun and humour in even the mundane daily activities, gripping stories, all have enriched me, enlightened me, a lot.
  4. Social Networking, the new mantra is an integral ingredient of the blog world too. And I am learning the game.
  5. Have been a part of so many fads… Tags, Awards to fellow bloggers, Contests, Guest Posts, 55 Fiction and now the Wordless Wednesdays, Thursday Challenge and Ten on Tuesday… all were/are fun and exciting.
  6. A lot of bloggers, when I entered this arena have left their space in the blogosphere and a lot of new ones have joined in. Have seen many of us transform from amateur cooks to ‘gourmet chefs’ in the recipe of Blogs!
  7. If, I see my readers… there has been a change over the last 2 years in the readership too… some have totally vanished, some are sporadic readers and some are still consistent! A big thanks to everybody for the constant encouragement and feedback, despite me being so sloppy in responding to comments. (You know the reasons!)
  8. Blogging has made me an avid observer of life around me. Anything and everything is looked from the blogging perspective. Even a casual remark from somebody results in ‘sharing my 2 cents’ on the blog. And the same goes for capturing pictures. So much so, that stepping out of the home without a camera is a gross error and simply unthinkable.
  9. Reading the older posts takes me back in time, makes me think about my thoughts at that time. I am liking the idea that some day, Aaryan would read this.
  10. Two years have passed and I look at my baby blog with pride and satisfaction. Looking forward to celebrating a lot more birthdays for my baby blog.

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