Half Fry to Double Bheja Fry

Last Sunday, was Father’s Day. It took off with a wonderful start…A wonderful start = A creative, sweet, lovely, awesome, simply cool breakfast from the Junior Chef for the Senior Chef, with a bit of help from the mother who is just a cook.

Aaryan wanted to give his father a surprise, a breakfast by him, for him, which he truly loves… a Half Fry! And the father was truly surprised and more than surprised, he was beaming with pride, to see his son share the same passion for cooking.

PS: The layout design is courtesy the lil’ Chef. Isn’t it so very creative and sweet!?

The celebrations continued as baby and Mom picked up a Tee for the dad. And soon it was time to watch the much talked about Bheja Fry-2.

Now, we all know, how hilarious the first Bheja Fry was. In fact, saw it yet again, a week ago on TV, and it was simply fun!! With that in mind, loaded with popcorns and cold drinks, we settled to watch Bheja Fry-2 on the big screen.

A few laughs, and some punches here and there and I counselled myself to patiently wait, as ‘picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!’ and something really entertaining will unfold soon. And we kept on waiting for that ‘something hilarious’ to happen and all we got was boredom, restlessness for the ordeal to get over and sheer disappointment.

So, Bheja Fry-2 really gave us a Bheja Fry in reality.

After, dashed hopes it was time to rejuvenate ourselves with… the thing our Family simply loves, The Food!

Off we went to KFC which has opened it’s outlet in Jaipur, a few days ago.

Now, lemme tell you that KG and AG are ardent non-veg lovers. With great expectations, we enter the KFC outlet. We ordered our meal and while we were waiting for our order, KG chats with the store manager and tells him about his first experience at the KFC many many years ago and how he is so glad that this outlet is now open.

A first bite into my Veg Zinger and my taste buds pronounce ‘NO taste’, a second bite and their answer is still the same. I hate wasting food, so, I try to spice it up with sauce and after 2 more bites, I just HAD TO pack it back into the box.

I look at the 2 men, who had a huge chicken bucket between them and every bite they took, simply spelled dissatisfaction. Whatever happened to “It’s finger lickin’ good”??

We looked around at the other tables, there were 2 young families, one group of elderly people and rest all school-college going kids. And everybody was busy eating!!

We introspected a bit, we wondered, ‘why didn’t we enjoy our meal, when it’s supposed to be finger lickin’ good.’ We took another bite after this and our verdict was out…

It was the second Bheja Fry moment of the day!!

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