10 Day You Challenge : Ten Secrets

After saying a Hello There and Hi Here on 1st September, I went back into hibernation! So much for the big talk I gave myself!!

Tried coming back to my baby blog a couple of times these past few days, a few words here and there and then pressed the Backspace key, and the result was a blank page which truly reflected my…., you know what!

Then, a bulb glowed somewhere and thought of challenging myself with this 10 Day Challenge, which was doing the rounds a few months back in our blogosphere.
10-days-you-challenge So, here I am on Day 1 with Ten Secrets…which will not be secret anymore!

  1. I have fixation for certain foods, which I can eat anytime and every time for long periods of time. I used to carry Bhindi and Paranthas in my lunch box, every single day at work for 2 months, much to the amusement of my then colleagues. The only food that I order in a restaurant is Masala Dosa. KG is thoroughly disgusted with this weird fixation of mine! And now my latest passion is Samosas! So, I can have Samosas for breakfast, lunch and even dinner!! I know, what you are thinking!!
  2. I am very meticulous or so I like to believe. Important things, papers… are always kept neatly and a safe place. So, the keys which would be used once in a while or the button of a dress/shirt which will be needed to sew up again are kept at safe place… that’s another story that it takes me ages to find that ‘safe’ place, always!
  3. A wrong number on my phone brings out the worst in me. It’s kind of embarrassing, but somehow, I can never be patient with questions like “Kaun bol raha hai” from the other end of the phone.
  4. Seeing anybody in tears can open my flood gates of salty water. The other day, I was at a doctor’s clinic waiting for my turn along with a lot of patients. Suddenly this teenage villager started wailing and talking about his dead mother. And I just couldn’t hold back the tears. The doctor sure had a confused look on seeing a tearful woman who had come to show him the normal lab reports!
  5. I love sweets, in fact no meal is complete without a sweet dish. Our fridge might not have the veggies for a day or two, but never a day without a dessert of any kind. We were at a buffet lunch at a hotel’s restaurant, sometime back. Amidst a lavish display of desserts were ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ and “Gajar ka Halwa – Low Calorie’. Nonchalantly, I took a big chunk of ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ on my plate much to the amazement of our friends. When somebody asked about my choice between the two desserts, my response, “the latter is less sweet”, met with a shocked silence!
  6. I can’t stand the drama in Hindi serials, news, reality shows and not even the cookery shows showcased on our television, even for a minute!! MasterChef India OMG… what a contrast it was from MasterChef Australia!
  7. I am pretty at peace and content with myself. So, I can be (and am) happy in my own company. Dressing up simply even at a wedding with opulence and style around me, does not give me any anxiety pangs.
  8. I have a fairly good voice, but am too shy to sing out loud!
  9. Everything, I do starts with a list. 80% of the times it is diligently written in a small notebook and rest of the time in the grey cells. But whatever task is at hand, it’s 1….2…3…4… for me!
  10. I can’t move out of the home without my big bag. It weighs more than a kilo and has all the things, I might possibly need at any point of time! So, even for grocery shopping down the lane, my big fat bag travels with me!

Phew!! That’s quite a lot of weird secrets I have shared here!!