Hi There! & A Hi Here Too!!

Hello Everyone!!  How have you been!?!

I am back! Back from a small hiatus!

But why a hiatus?? Well, it’s a bag of lots of things! Some new developments, challenges, exigencies at work, lots of travel, places with no net connectivity, lack of time…

The past month and a half has been so hectic that my 2 favorite activities on the web were thoroughly ignored. And this is proven by the fact that my 4 day crop of watermelons withered!! It’s a nightmare for a dedicated and addicted farmer like me!! Yeah, I am STILL mad about FarmVille!! And couldn’t even post a Blogger’s savior in busy times, the Wordless Wednesdays!!

Things seem to be under better control now, so, I guess, today is a good to start afresh… as it’s beginning of a new month and Ganesh Chaturthi too!

So, sharing a SMS, I received and wishing you happiness as big as Ganesh’s appetite, life which is long as his trunk, troubles as small as his mouse, and moments as sweet as his laddus! A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all!  🙂

Did I miss something major in the blogosphere, while I was away?? Well, 889 unread posts in the Reader tells me that a lot has happened!! Am tempted to mark all 889 as Read!! 😉

Time to get back to some serious reading and serious writing too! See you 🙂