10 Day You Challenge : Five Foods

Day 5 and Five Foods are ….

  1. Masala Dosa : It is No. 1 favourite food. I remember, as kids we used to frequent a Madras Hotel in Kota, which used to serve simply wonderful Dosas. And since, then there is no looking back and all I can say to you dear Masala Dosa is “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you!” masala-dosa
  2. Gol-Gappas : I love Gol-Gappas or Pani Puris. But not the roadside kinds, just the neat and clean outlet types or the one that is home made… of course the Pani Puris are from the market and the yummy, tangy Pani is made at home. During the first all the three trimesters, this was one thing that I used to have daily!!sachinsurawase$111122026
  3. Rajma Chawal made by Mom : She makes the most yummilicious Rajma. It’s the no. 1 request from me to her whenever we are together.rajma
  4. Gujarati Thali : Some joints in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and one in Jodhpur, serve some real authentic Gujarati food in a thali. Ah, just remembering about it is making my stomach yearn for it. food_18816
  5. Non-Veg made by KG : Though, I am not a keen non-veg eater, but the fact that I am eating non-veg now is only because the Master Chef’ is amazing with Chicken-Mutton and I eat only when it is cooked by him!! He creates culinary magic in the kitchen with the non-veg food, always! The Laal Maas, the Chettinad Chicken, Sukha Mutton, Murg Awadhi Korma, Dum ka Murg, Nalli Gosht… are simply legendary among our family and friends!

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