10 Day You Challenge : Four Books

The Four Books… Hmmm …. This is the toughest one, because, I love books and love soooo many of them. Have been trying to list some of the books I have thoroughly enjoyed and a lot of them come to my mind. Culling through the archives, here are my 4 Fav Books…

  1. Harry Potter series by JK Rowling : This is certainly the no.1 on my list not only because of the number of times I have read these books or seen the HP movies, but because of so many things. The creativity, the mystery, the storylines, the magic, the characters… it is so vivid that the entire magical world comes alive in your mind, as you read this fantastic work of fiction. harry-potter-books
  2. Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon : This book graduated me from the world of children to the real big bad world, out there. I remember reading this book the first time during a train journey, when I was in class 10. This saga which spans 4 generations gave me so many unfamiliar and new insights then, that I was sufficiently shocked and very very intrigued.89_3
  3. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne : A good friend gifted me this book and I can never thank her enough for sharing this Secret with me. This book is such an inspiration, that reading a few pages every now and then or even the summaries at the end of each chapter, fills you with so much of positivity, enthusiasm and motivation. The 3 steps to use the secret…. Ask. Believe. Receive, hold true for getting anything in life… being grateful for what you already have will attract more good things… the process of visualization generates powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now and the law of attraction turns it into a reality… This is one book, which is my no. 1 choice in giving as a gift to my friends. TheSecret
  4. Suspense and Mysteries by Mary Higgins Clark : At a book fair in Lucknow, I saw a big pile of books by Mary Higgins Clark. I skimmed through the synopsis at the back, and the storyline fascinated me. I picked up 8 books of the author at one go (also because, they were available at Rs 100 each!). Have read a lot of her books and I am in love with “The Queen of Suspense” and the “Master Plotter”. All her stories are so very fascinating and simply UNPUTDOWNABLE.Mary Higgins

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