My Big Fat Bag

One of my secrets in the 10 Day You Challenge was… “I can’t move out of the home without my big bag. It weighs more than a kilo and has all the things, I might possibly need at any point of time! So, even for grocery shopping down the lane, my big fat bag travels with me!”

On reading this Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu commented … “I am curious to know what’s in your big fat bag! :p Another blog post for it? 1 kg ke bag pe ek blog post to banta hai, right? :p”

Thank you Kaddu for a blog-post idea!

So, what’s in My Big Fat Bag?? The inside secret is revealed here…

  1. These are the Card Holders which houses multiple cards… Debit Cards, various Store Cards, Game Cards etc… Yeah, they are so many that 2 card holders are needed for that!DSC_0384
  2. They say that the two most beautiful words in the English language are ‘cheque enclosed. Sadly, this Cheque Book Holder just has my cheque book along with a million other papers, receipts, bills etcDSC_0395
  3. A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own, said Clare B Luce and I carry my little money in a wallet and a separate bag for the coins!! Yeah, a small bag just for the coins!! DSC_0389
  4. To capture the memories for the future or those unusual sights for the Wordless Wednesdays, this cybershot comes in handy when the big brother Nikon SLR is not around. DSC_0407
  5. Well, it’s not a vanity kit, but basic life savers needed frequently in a day… comb, mirror, lipsticks, kajal, wet wipes, moisturising lotion… and if it’s a special occasion then some more of their brethren join the bag. DSC_0398
  6. For that nauseating feeling while travelling or sudden hunger pangs or for the children around… a bag of chocolates and candies are a must too. DSC_0402
  7. The meticulous me needs a diary and pens to make lists or jot sudden thoughts/ideas and of course a calculator to calculate 2+2. The calculator in my phone is very cumbersome, hence this calculator has found it’s place in the bag. Am thinking of replacing it with a bigger calci, coz it’s tedious to calculate with such a small keypad! DSC_0411
  8. And the indispensable Mobile, travels in the bag always. DSC_0418
  9. The sunglasses are mandatory too to protect the delicate eyes! DSC_0415
  10. The visiting cards are meant to be exchanged, so all the cards are carefully stacked in the mini briefcase VC holder! DSC_0421
  11. And the pious me, needs God too by my side and the tech savvy me could need a Pen Drive or the USB stick anytime. DSC_0423
  12. Last but not the least, my best friends a.k.a my books are an integral part of my bag. Currently I am reading Phoenix Ritu’s book! DSC_0431

And all these things make my bag a Big Fat Bag, which is not only my saviour and friend but also helps me in increasing my stamina too!

DSC_0433So, what’s in your bag??