Thursday Challenge–Books

It’s Books, this Thursday. 

I was planning to show off the books I bought last week at the National Book Fair, Jaipur. And today’s Thursday Challenge on Books (Very Old Books, Library, Electronic Books, Piles of Books…) is a perfect example of hitting 2 birds with one stone.

The National Book Fair had a VAST array of books from various Publishers, Whole sellers and even Retailers. The best aspect was that almost all the books were available on discounted prices.

The books that I picked up were hardcover fiction from my favourite authors.

Ken Follet’s Whiteout, The Third Twin and Code to Zero. DSC_0134
Mary Higgins Clark is one of my favourite author, so, I picked up 6 of her books. One of the book is a 3-in-1!! So, a triple treat for me!
It’s been a loong long time, since I read Jackie Collins, so 2 books of hers were a part of my book pile!
And recently, I explored the world of Dean Koontz, so I grabbed his 4 suspense thrillers too.
The bestest feeling I have after the shopping spree at this book fair is that my collection of Mary Higgins Clark has now reached to 13 + 2!! Yaaayyy!!
And guess how much did I spend last week on these 15 books??

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  1. @ Rahul Bhatia : Yeah and I am so thrilled to have it!! 🙂

    @ Indrani : I just love Mary Higgins Clark and Ken Folett too! Ken’s Pillars of Earth, Eye of the Needle are simply amazing reads.

    @ Capturedalive : Wow! Dean Koontzzz!!! Cool 🙂

    @ Anil Kurup : Yess :))

    @ Swaram : You bet! 🙂

    @ Kavita : Thanks! Yeah try reading one… he has written so many!!

    @ Magiceye : Yes, will keep me busy for some time! You are nearly there…. Rs 1200 only!! :))

    @ Rachna : Oh yes!! 🙂

    @ Shilpa Sharma : Anand hee anand! 😀

    @ Neha : LOL 😀

    @ BK Chowla : Just Rs. 1200 for such fat hardback brand new books!! 🙂

    @ Converse hiking boots : WOW!! That’s sure a loot… Rs 4000=Rs 240!! Damn cool! :))

    @ Shuchi : Glad to see you here Shuchi! Me too love book fairs!! 🙂

    @ Sujatha : I wish I had picked some more!!

    @ Aneeta : Great!! Same pinch!! :))

    @ Writerzblock : Rs 1200 only!! :))