Ten on Tuesday – 16


Ten Things about 2 Contrasting Incidents During 2 Journeys
  1. Last week I was travelling from Jaipur to Delhi by bus… LCD Volvo to be precise. The scheduled departure of the bus from Jaipur was at 1 am!! Yeah, at that ungodly hour. As usual, I reached much before the scheduled time.
  2. To kill time and divert sleep, I was reading my book. A few minutes later, a newly wed couple occupied seats nearby, in the waiting lounge. The girl was wearing the Punjabi Choora … I loved wearing it too and that was many years ago… how time flies!! Oops, I digressed…Punjabi Choora
  3. After giving them an attention span lasting few seconds, I returned back to my murder mystery! And next moment, I hear giggles from the newly wed bride. I look up to see and find that the guy was sharing something in her ear! I smiled mentally and was about to check out what the Investigator in my book was doing, I hear another peel of laughter. And after that I ignored whatever clues the Investigator was unearthing and focussed on the couple.
  4. They seemed to be so much in love and were just not able to keep their hands off each other and they had so much to talk and laugh with each other.
  5. This continued even while they were in the bus. Incidentally, they were seated behind me. And at 6:10 am, when I woke up, their playful banter was on at that hour too!! This time, I actually smiled.
  6. On my return back home from Delhi to Jaipur, another newly wed couple occupied the seats adjacent to me across the aisle. The girl had a serious look (and my first impression about her was that she would be the shrewd variety!) and had the cell-phone glued to her ear. It seemed there was no response from the other end. The guy had an innocent and lovely face!! Yes, the ‘Good Boy’ kind!!
  7. The girl occupied the window seat and continuously looked out of the window. Her husband, the good boy, tried to talk to her, but she never once looked at him. My curiosity was piqued and abandoned reading the tweets on my phone and tried to observe them surreptitiously.
  8. Soon, they started showing “Phas Gaye Re Obama” in the bus. Now this is one funny and entertaining movie. While the husband tried to enjoy the movie, the wife, never looked at the screen. The husband offered her some chips, she refused to take that. He was pretty persistent, but the lady never budged from her previous decision. Soon, she fell asleep and the dear Good Boy, lovingly wrapped a shawl around her. It was such a heart warming sight!
  9. Then at Mid-way, while she was combing her hair in the rest room, an attendant, asked her, if she was married recently. It was just a simple talk on the attendant’s part and our lady didn’t respond to her too!
  10. It was time for the bus to leave the Mid-Way, and their seats were still unoccupied. After honking for a few minutes, the couple emerge from the restaurant, with the guy holding coffee, a sandwich and her purse!, while madam tried to walk daintily in her sari!! This was the last straw!!

Two newly weds and two contrasting behaviour… different strokes for different folks!!