What’s Your Plan for NYE??

It’s that time of the year, when the first question you are asked whomsoever you meet or chat with, is , “So, what’s your plan for the New Year Eve?”.

And the best part is that, this question comes with a lot of expectations. You are ‘expected’ to have an AWESOME plan for this grand evening.let's party

So, your AWESOME plans could inclide:

  • The High and ‘Dry’ Parties : Hosted by the Hotels and Resorts with a HIGH price tag, for the Mostest-lavish spread of exotic buffet with unlimited mocktails and cocktails, live band with a big or a small star attraction, fireworks et al to enthral you. This is that kind of place, which you would love to talk about with your friends. But actually, all this does not enthral you as you desperately ‘try’ to enjoy the party and secretly wish for the clock to strike 12 and make a dash from the place. Here you, bring in the new year with a few friends and loads of strangers!
  • The No Plan Parties : Yes, you actually have no plans for the gala evening and so does your bunch of friends. So, you all dress up for the occasion, pile up in the vehicles and make a dash for the nearest party. Since almost all the hotels, clubs and resorts in the city host the NYE parties, whichever place suits your budget or taste or wherever the bouncers allow you in, the place becomes your party zone. There could be some disappointments, but mostly it’s fun!
  • The Cozy Comfy Home Parties : A few close family and friends, along with lots of home made or catered from outside food, free flowing alcohol of your choice, games and anecdotes, music and even TV, half reclining on the sofa or wrapped up cozily in a blanket, it’s a comfortable way of bringing in the new year, right in your home!
  • My Parents Type of Parties : For a couple of years now, this is how my parents welcome the new year. Dad goes off to sleep at his scheduled time of 10 pm, while Mom would watch TV sitting snugly in her quilt. A few minutes before midnight, she would go to the kitchen and warm up the ‘gajar ka halwa’ which she would have made in the afternoon and then wake up Dad. With the sweet dish and phone calls to family and friends they sweetly welcome the new year!!

So, what is your plan for this New Year Eve?? Whatever, it is enjoy it thoroughly and be safe.

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