And It’s Tough…

Of, course, we knew that it’s not going to be easy, but never knew that it would be this tough.

Yes, the decision to send Aaryan to a Boarding School is the toughest and the biggest decision that we have taken in our lives, KG and Me….so far!

Though, everybody, who has got to know about this decision has hailed it to be a very good one… best for the child, his learning curve, personality development blah blah and even we decided on this after weighing everything, but there are moments, when the logic fails. And I wonder, if we have made the right decision or was there really a need to take this BIG step!!

When people say, in a few days time, you will get used to the new change in your routine ie being able to find happiness in the daily routine without Aaryan around, I find it a little weird. I understand what they mean by saying this! But the point is that should we be getting used to living without him!!??

Of course, the calendar at the school is such that we can meet him every month and talk to him every weekend and chat with him online sometimes and of course a weekly exchange of letters is mandatory, but still the heart does not understand all this reasoning and logic! It behaves in its own way!

It’s been a tough decision.

It is a tough time for the heart.

But’s it’s also about being tough! Being able to stay strong for each other… and that we shall be!

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