The Day Today!

A post a day can be challenging when you are not feeling too well. Though had planned to write a 55 Fiction, but…
A dust storm last evening, which was followed by the much needed rains, triggered an allergic reaction.So, it started with runny nose, last evening and progressed to fever which only I can feel, body ache and general malaise! An anti-allergic in the morning ensured that I slept the whole day through!

A visit to the doctor in the evening and a dose later, I am ok, but not all that great!

KG is busy in the kitchen since evening. First it was soup and then Khichdi for me.
While we has made Prawn curry for himself!

This man has some passion for cooking!

After a  busy day at work, he can still find the enthusiasm to cook. In fact, he finds cooking very therapeutic. He believes that it takes his mind off other things and the various aromas wafting through the air delights him and the most important thing is that sense of achievement of creating magic with food and spices. And of course all this along with the appreciation leads to immense satisfaction!!

And now Chris Gayle is battering the poor Pune Warriors bowlers!
And in between the breaks, we are also watching Aakrosh on Zee Cinema. Sameera Reddy is dancing on an item song and it’s not over as yet and we have moved to Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends on TLC. The remote you know is with whom and yes, this is how we watch TV! Grrr…
Oops, we are back to the IPL, Gayle is out and we have moved back to Aakrosh…

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow!

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