From the Nature’s Basket…

Last month, I was at Himalayan Village, Sonapani in Uttranchal.

The scenic beauty in and around the resort is simply amazing. The resort is situated on top of a ridge, overlooking Almora and with a magnificent 175-degree view of the Himalayas!! And we could see many snow covered peaks too!

The resort has some 12 cottages which are very artistically and aesthetically decorated. Another interesting and beautiful aspect of this resort is the amazing variety of fruits and flowers.

The owner of the resort is very passionate about gardening. One could see her working with her gardening tools at all times of the day.

What caught my fancy in the gardens of this resort were these 2 plants…


I had never seen them before. Both these plants had stems and leaves which looked like rose flowers. Don’t know their botanical names but these are 2 different varieties of Cacti!

Yes, Cactus!!

Usually we associate Cactus with needle like spines and succulent stems. But these are without any thorny spines and the second one is pretty leathery and sturdy in texture.

Mother nature at her amazing and awe-inspiring best!