Obedient Parents

A few days ago, we went to a kid’s birthday party. The friend asked me to be the official photographer at the party.
I gladly accepted the offer, as I love clicking pictures!

At the party, I was busy seeing though my lens and capturing the moments, when a 5 year old comes to me and asks me to show the pictures.
Now, everybody loves to see their pics, so I gladly obliged the lil’ fellow. He saw the pictures without any expression!
Next moment, he tells me that he wants the camera!!
I tried to deter him sweetly, but the child didn’t budge.

A few moments later, the child’s mother on seeing her child’s ‘interaction’ with a stranger, approaches us!
When she understands the situation, instead of diverting her child to something else or telling him firmly, she is giving me accusing looks for not giving in to the demands of her child!!

Hello!!?!! It’s perfectly fine with me, if you let your child play with your expensive phones, cameras, iPads etc, but please for heaven’s sake, DO NOT expect others to do so!! Shouldn’t the word ‘NO’ be in your dictionary when dealing with your kid!?

I thought today’s ‘educated’ moms would have the sense of what’s right and what’s not!! And would guide their children accordingly! 
But alas! That’s not the case!!

PS: I am not an expert on parenting, I am not a Hitler Parent, my child is not an epitome of all goodness and I do not hate children.