Something New and Different…

Last month on our way to Delhi, we stopped at Bikanervala near Gajraula, for dinner.

Now, this is a very huge and a busy outlet.

So, usually, when you place your order for food, you are given a token number. Once your order is ready, either your order number is called on the microphone system or your number flashes on the LED display screen. Since, these are Self Service Counters, you go to the counter, give your order slip and take your food.

This time, I saw a new thing. And it’s this…
This is a Coaster Call.

Once you place your order, you are given these Coasters. You can sit in the restaurant and chat with your family and friends. And when your order is ready, all of you will give a collective gasp of shock or surprise, as this gadget suddenly Vibrates, Flashes, Beeps and Glows!!
So, no more standing in the waiting area or crowding near the counter. Sit in the restaurant and wait till this Coaster Call comes to life!

I found this very interesting so very innovative!!